Eon (Illustration) Entry: Remko Troost


Thank you very much. I had a great time at the grand-space-opera-challenge and somehow at december it allways reminds me of you and your little kid, strange eh? haha.

Maybe I find the time to join the next challenge.

All the best to you.


Hey Remko, all i can say is well done, congratz on getting a placing…It is a fine piece of art through and through…It was one of my favourites because of the atmosphere…thos buildings had that eighties model effect that i was on about ^^…A very good reason in its own right to select this piece :).

Good on you mate.

see you next challenge



Hey Remko,

I really like the mood of your image , great job on it :thumbsup: :thumbsup: and Congrats on your placing too.


woo hooooo dang am I late congratulating you my friend :slight_smile: Beautiful work of art and I am so glad it got a placing


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