Eon (Illustration) Entry: Prabath Wijayantha


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Latest Update: Final Image: Eon(illustration)entry:The Death


hi prabath …
cheers friend …:thumbsup:
keep working
you are reading the book …???
hey come on paint something or send the sketch …


Hey everyone,here`s my preliminary sketch for the competition.This shot is inspired by The Death sequence in the book.I took some time out to go & read the book.The final image however will be more panoramic.

Best regards to all the participants!


Heres the preliminary composition of the main architecture.The buildings were modeled after some references.The piece is low res for now,however there are many more elements to go into it.This part only serves as the main template for the rest of the painting & theres loads of more architecture to go in as well as textures,lighting & the focal point,the explosion.i hope everyone else is having a great time.


looks great :slight_smile: what 3d program are you using for this?


Hey Oscar,thanks for the comment.I used bryce 5 for the modeling work.I tried Max but this thing proves much easier when it cimes to modeling the box geometry.I just kept adding & editing boxes till it looked good enugh.


Great city scape.Awesome.


Looks great so far.


Nice work :slight_smile: the elements complement each other nicely. Did you use the Greeble plugin for the cube building?


Great stuff!! rock on it man!:bounce:


the city looks perfect… what method are you using to place the buildings? I was looking at a dvd for houdini that illustrated how to create a city procedurally and was wondering if you followed a similar pattern, placed them yourself or randomly seeded them on the plane…

Great work so far as i said…



greeting. great modeling… only one question is this main building is a plugin?
It will be great render with texture i gues… Good Luck…


awesome work man, great modeling


:thumbsup::thumbsup:i want u to b winer thats it:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Can’t wait to see it with the texture maps applied. Great work so far :buttrock:


Hey people,THANKS loads for the awesome support you guys have thrown in.But I need to let you guys in on something important here.First of all,this is only going to be the front of the main architecture which means its only a portion of the bigger picture.(Anyone who loves this composition,please bear with me.)And the other important thing is Im opting to do the texturing in PS 7 as I dont want the final image to end up looking too 3D & since I matte paint a lot I feel more comfy dooing it by hand,also its far more efficient.In the mean time check out my portfolio at; WWW.prabath.cgsociety.org

Cheers to all you guys & GOOD LUCK!



Hey everyone,as promissed here`s theinitial composition of the architecture & colours.I will soon start work on textures & the rest of the environment like the sky & atmospheric effects & the all important Crator Creator;the massive explosion.
Cheers & Good Luck to all.



Hey guys,I assume those who loved the earlier composition would bear with me.Please don`t be disappointed.Also what do you guys think about the lights?



dude :eek: this is amazing! love the entire environment! :eek:

cant wait to c the final draw! :bounce:

cheers prabath! :beer: n good luck to u! :thumbsup:

n hey! wishing u and ur family a very happy diwali! :bounce:


nice details Prabath.keep going on:thumbsup: