Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


hey Tim! thanx a million! :love:

hehehe … yep … u’ll c it soon … :stuck_out_tongue: … me workin on da structures n all … so i think the next update will show the particles again … :stuck_out_tongue:

stay tuned buddy!

thanx again! :bounce:

cheers! :beer: n good luck for da challenge! :thumbsup:


hey buddies! started adding the ships now … still a lot of details to go …

trying my best to divert my attention to many different things to get the juices flowing :slight_smile:

hope i work out something more … :frowning:

cheers mates!


Hi mate

first of all thanks for being the first person to notice me.

Secondly I love your work, and i took my time to look through all the evolution in your work in progress.

I believe that the tale of the meteor which is falling on earth is to big

I loved the meteors tale up to version 6, in my humble opinion I think that it is to much on the following development. (Version 7 and upwards.)

How did you come to the decision to do this particular illustration by the way???

Thanks a lot again.

Yours LostPen


thanx a heap Raul! :love: very happy to c u here! :stuck_out_tongue:

well, as for the asteroid, i deliberately created the enormous tail … i wanted it to be the prime element that catches the attention of the viewer … also … it is ‘the asteroid’ that will change everything … thats why special preference was given to it …
but i will consider ur suggestion and c what comes of it … :stuck_out_tongue:

on the other hand, my decision was made right from the beginning of the challenge … till now i havent read the book … i’ve no knowledge of EON …

i thought a lot about the concept … which i hope will define the key elements of EON …

if u look closely at my first concept sketch … u will notice something on the earth outline … very very rough sketch … that will be my final element.

thanx again Raul!

stay tuned for more updates …

cheers buddy! :beer: n good luck to u! :thumbsup:


This is my first time going through your thread. Wow that asteroid trail looks really cool. Did you crop the size of your image or are you still going with the vertical composition?


thanx a million Angel! :love: :stuck_out_tongue: really good to c ya mate! :bounce:

yup, me goin with the vertical composition … for the update it has been cropped :stuck_out_tongue:

thanx again buddy! :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers! :beer: n good luck as always! :thumbsup:


I think you have managed to create a very vibrant image so far, without it looking too saturated and the clouds + city are great. :scream: Keep up the good work. :applause:

Oh… also, great portfolio by the way. :thumbsup:


Hey neville this is great work from you.i only wonder how it will look like when its done.

Rock on man.



thanx a lot u guys! :love: :bounce:

Daniel : really happy to c u here buddy! im crazy after colours :love: they bring a lot of harmony into our lives :stuck_out_tongue: … hehe … n hey! thanx for viewing my portfolio dude! :love:
more to be added soon :wink:

Prabath : yo dude! great to c ya! hehe … even im wondering how its gonna turn out :eek:
hoping for the best man! lets c … i’ve still a long way to go :expressionless:

thanx again guys! god bless ya all!

cheers! :beer:


Hey there, Neville…

you’ve made some stunning progress here with your scene:thumbsup: , I really like your cold lighting, very nice mood for this…and as always I’m amazed to see your many explanations of the creation steps…
Keep up the great work!:slight_smile:



thanx a million Sabrina! :love: great to c u again! :stuck_out_tongue:
really happy to c so many comments … helps me move on :bounce: …
the final element is yet to be added … :eek:

cheers to u girl! :beer:

good luck as always! :thumbsup:


very nice spaceships. would be great to see one of them a bit closer that leads into the depht. or flys towards the asteroid, thou i generally love spaceships :slight_smile: keep up the great work, looking great mate :slight_smile: keep on rocking! :beer::buttrock::wip:


hey! :stuck_out_tongue: thanx buddy! great to c ya! :bounce::love:

i tried playing around with the ships n all in terms of scale … i guess i cudnt get it right … but i’ll surely come up with smthin … :wink:

cheers man! :beer: take care! :stuck_out_tongue:


im back :slight_smile: … still playing around with the ships, adding more and more …

very exhausted :frowning:

as for the ships at the far end … i just created a square brush and played around with the spacing , scattering , size … then brush here … brush there
… quick distant ships … :slight_smile:

cheers people!

moving on …


Great! I liked the feeling of the vertical composition and then saw the crop and I thought… Nooooooo aaaagh don’t crop it!
It’s looking good man. :thumbsup:


hehehehehehe :stuck_out_tongue: … thanx a heap Angel! good to c ya again!

yup yup me stickin with the vertical comp :slight_smile:

take care dude!

good luck for da challenge!


man your details look so brilliant, love how you render the light and effects, so clean so crystalclear, lovely work my friend! keep on rocking! oh, bout feeling exhaused - have a break and sleep from time to time - it helps - i tried it :stuck_out_tongue:


hey bro! thanx a million! :love:

yeah man! me really need to get some shut eye :cry:

gonna do just that! :stuck_out_tongue:

take care dude!


The scene itself looks very promising but what chamber are you illustrating? I can’t see any specific geometry :frowning:


Hi! Everyone loves your asteroid man!..and thats no doubt! specially the trail particles it leaves behind, make it glimmery spectacular!..
The tilt you made to the main camera has just made your composition really awesome !
good luck buddy!..er… I will take back what I said, you dont need one!:D…hehe!:applause:

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