Eon (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza


Thanks for the appreciation of the work that went into the classification system.
Love your art concepts .Message me if you want an updated list as a lot
have heavyweights have entered including Monsit and Runwe.Also I am not
flooding as the list is different each time however the same cannot be said of all Nazirull
1214 posts.:).Please visit also the lesser known artists in the list as they are in need of
criticism to improve.


neville my buddy! Tell me you haven’t given up!!! Where are your cool updates?!


Whoo, that has been a while since I’ve been here.Seems like it’s the same thig for you,ha,ha.
Hope you’ll find the time to finish this, because it really great!!!


O WOW! :eek:

very very happy to c u guys! :love:

Mark ~ thanx a lot dude! i’ve seen ur work as well! n man! :eek: its really really cool! will be posting new updates soon :smiley:

brrrhmmm ~ hey dude! me would love an update on the classification system! n no ways man … u aint flooding … dont think like that … its pretty cool that u post the list … very informative! plus … i dont think its a joke collecting info like that … :eek:
my thanks to u buddy for taking all that trouble! :love: me will be checkin out the other members worx & help them however i can :slight_smile:

Constantine ~ HEY BUDDDDDY! hehehehehehehe … freak man! its been so long! hehe … get ready for new updates … its gonna be a huge rat race now … since the challenge is about to end :frowning: … all kindsa new stuff … stay tuned bro!

Remko ~ OH MY GOD! REMKO BRO! how u’ve been?! its been a very long time mate! :cry: … missing ur work a lot! :frowning: hehe … me in da same soup as well … was really caught up with work … net service disconnected for 2 weeks :frowning: … christmas preparations … :eek: … work overload dude! yikes! me really rushing with the challenge now … i wanna c more of ur updates buddy! me really really love it!

thanx again ma friends! wishing u all the very best of luck for this challenge!





Fantastic work! I love it!
What can I say…it would be nice to see something close…an object (one of that ship) or a part of built in foreground…I think would add more dramatism to the composition…
keep it man
I think you have really high chance of winning :thumbsup:


thanx a million Eduard! >:D<

i c ur point :stuck_out_tongue: … actually … instead of the close up view of the ship … there is one element that will complete this concept once n for all :slight_smile:

a child …

( finally i revealed a long kept secret )

if u c the very first concept sketch … there is a vague scribble on the earth itself . that will be the child … i will explain in the end the reason he’s there … stay tuned buddy!

theres still more structures to complete … :frowning:

thanx again dude!

god bless!


Hardly wait…


hehehehehe :smiley:


merry xmas to you too and thanks for the wonderful card ^^


Thanks for the warm wishes and card neville! God bless ya too but since xmas has passed I will wish you a happy new year with successes and great CG. Best of luck on the challange man! Best of luck… and I’ve got some news. I just became a father 2 weeks ago (girl) so I won’t be finishing the piece… too busy with other stuff ;).
see ya around dude!


hey guys! i’m back!
compliments of the season! >:D<

it’s been a long time :open_mouth: … lots & lots of problems along the way …

but here i am with a new update :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks finished already. You cant really add anything to it.

But what is this place? In the book i mean. Some sort gate?
Thanx for the comments :slight_smile:

Good luck!


hey Falcor! thanx a million mate! :scream:

actually … its far from finished … this is just the right side of the image :stuck_out_tongue: … still need to work on the left n finally the middle … the most important bit :eek:

as for the description in relation to the book … i have no clue at all …

i havent read the book till date … this entire concept is based on my imagination …

thanx again dude! take care! :slight_smile:


Very good image you have created thus far. I like the warm feeling It gives me. Great choice and use of colors. There is one crit If I may, perhaps its not that significant and you may choose to ignore it, ok here it goes: I would consider getting rid of some of the stars that you have in front of some of your big main objects, say “the planet”. Other then that looks sweet! :slight_smile:


hey buddy! thanx a million! :scream:

yikes! :eek: ur very right! that looks wierd :eek: … i think i overlooked that glitch! i’ll get on it right away!

thanx for pointing it out mate! i never knew about it the whole time :eek:

take care dude! god bless ya! :slight_smile:


made a major correction! removed the stars that was in front of the planet :eek:

thanx again to Crazybread for pointing it out! :scream:

cheers to u mate! :beer:


Awesome ! Nice work my friend !

Just a little crit : the plasma tube ( or self illuminated object ?) , on the left corner, it is too much on the corner ( maybe too big too) so you have a blank hole on your composition and unfortunetly the eye focus on this illuminated point and is not (enough) guided trough the rest of your impressive work…
I hope this helps…

Happy 2007 my friend and thank you again for your beautiful christmas theme.
Cheers mate !


Wow I love it! Great composition and
great use of colors! I also love the concept
and idea behind it! Really gret!


Bouboul - i believe the reason the lower corner is so distracting is because this isn’t the whole composition you’re looking at here, just a small chunk of it on the right side. When you see the whole composition together, the light (from an entire planet) makes a lot more sense and holds the piece together more.

Neville - Haven’t droppend in to say hi for a while, but things are looking fantastic. What an amazing wealth of detail! The moon looks great, the ships and the lights from them rock… Nothing to crit, just looking forward to seeing the piece as a whole. Keep going,a nd have a great New Year!



Really impressive, looking very nice.
Cool style, keep the same.