Eon (Illustration) Entry: Nazirull Safry Paijo


How about rotating the tube right, to about 1 o’clock, or 2 o’clock? The whole picture has a right lean to it, quite nice, like a clockwise spiral. Except the light tube violates that. Otherwise, really great sketch!


I think cloud is my friend…i think its a useful tool to depict height. Im struggling to depict it without the help of clouds.

We automatically get the idea of height when cloud is inserted so im using it.

It can give a great and nice glow effects to the cloud by the plasma tube…like a linear, constructed lightning across the sky.


:eek: me love this one a lot! :eek: my personal favourite! :love:

just one thing buddy! … ‘glare’ up the tube … its a lil pale and doesnt have that strong white glare thingy going on …

otherwise … very sexy … distant … work of art! :stuck_out_tongue:

keep em comin buddy!

good luck! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the advice! Definitely doable…i’ll try that. But im currently crunching ideas and brainstorming to get myself used to the world of Eon. My priority is to get the scale right.

Gee thanks man! YEah…its a lil pale, prolly this one can go as the fifth chamber, where its dark and unfinished…sexy?



Great clouds! It reminds me of te storm scene in the first chamber after the Death and the Russians are beginning to revolt. By the way… the “Lanier giving Patricia the tour” scene? It isn’t copyrighted… hehe… you can go for it man. :thumbsup:


Nazirull - I can’t believe I haven’t posted in your thread yet. It’s not that I haven’t been watching it: I’m finding the work that your doing, the scale studies and the use of real photos to try to accurately portray the real dimensions in the Stone incredibly fascinating and inspiring. It’s all been great work, and this latest cloud study is no exception.

to echoe what nwiz posted, I don’t think the plasma tube should be that intense and hard-edged. Or more to the point, I don’t think Greg Bear thinks so. In adib’s thread he made one of his rare posts and commented “Tubelight might also be larger and more diffuse.” I don’t know about the larger in your case - adib’s had been tighter, like a laser - but you may want to consider the more diffuse. After all, we know it’s diffuse enough that you can fly a VTOL right upthrough and into it and not get blinded! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, still looking forward to more of yuor posts. Keep exploring!



Real study, i like it. I can’ t imagine where this goes.
Nice work



Nice sketches
good luck and keep going :slight_smile:


Conkrys - Dont be too mesmerised by the clouds…nice cloud indeed but i didnt paint those. :). Point taken! I know its not copyrighted but having the similar theme feels strange to me, especially when i say ‘This is what ive found’ while other had found it first. :slight_smile:

- Thanks for dropping by! I havent been reading the book so im abit weak on descriptions of the plasma but thanks to you! Im halfway through the book. But Im yet to chose which scene im doing.

DaveClarke, elnady
- Thanks guys! I’ll post soon i hope!


Just a random sketch…im a bit inspired by MarkyG’s piece…thats what i had in mind all along (rrrrriiiiiiteee…).

Im trying to take the Stone as a character instead of a dead abandoned thing…and i want to dwell more into the political side of stuff.

Since i think the core (rite…ure talking with having finished only half of the book) of the story is the Death and how the nations are eager to get hold of the secrets…


Alexanderia…upright chandeliers…


I like the new concept Nazirull, good atmosphere of Alexandria. the one before that (the MarkyG inspired) is cool too, this one just seems more epic, great potential! keep it up:thumbsup:


This is inspired again by MarkyG’s sketch. Curves dominated the place…I played around with the perpsective…u can see two horizons and a curve spanning above the viewer…and the plasma tube running across the vista…at the far back, the opposite side of the chamber…revealing the scale of the land…

Im stuck halfway thru the book…i might stop hereand develop wuteva i know about the story.

Or just go with anything coz its ‘Eon inspired’, doesnt necesarilly, faithfully have to be Eon…rite guys?? excuses excuses


Tadaaa! No prize for guessing correctly which chamber is this!

With some help using MAX, i get the 25km radius and 30km length of thistledown chamber…the curves are of course from the book… overlayed some google aerials on the mesh to show scale…and overlayed zdepth too…

This one is pretty much faithful to Greg Bear’s vision i think…need to have something in the foreground…hmmm…

Definitely some emotional conflict of interest between the expedition party…Lanier, Takahashi, Patricia, Kimskaya…things like that…

Dunno yet how to do that…will see!


Well, it certainly makes a striking composition. 'Though to look across he chamber, given the gravity pull towards the sides, any people you put in there will have to be looking straight up: I fear that if you put Patricia there, we’ll be looking right up her nostrils! :slight_smile: But it may not need the people - it is a pretty impressive view on its own!



wow more great concepts! keep reading and you’ll storyboard the whole book, lol !
I realy like the latest one…keep up the good work Nazirull:thumbsup:


walrus, NathanLB - MMMmm…nostrils…LOL…i got ur point man. I dunno how am i gonna do this yet. I think i would stick to Thistledown…time is running out for me to bz to complete the book. Im just gonna do its i go…im sticking to chapter 13 which has the most about Thistledown so far.

To storyboard the whole book would be fun!

Thanks for dropping by!


Here are some sketches…


Another sketch


Yet another