Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


I think that congratulations are in order. :slight_smile:

Awesome final image my friend. One of my favorites! loved to see the progression of your piece and thanks again for droping by my thread and posting your comments and suggestionswhich were a great help.

Good luck!


Congratulations Mike. It looks brilliant. I really think you’ve managed to depict how it would look in the centre of the Way. You’ve been very true to the novel in other ways too (no pun intended) and that has to count for a lot. Thanks for keeping us all so much up to date during this challenge. Your regular updates and commentary about your workflow have been fascinating. Also, thanks again for your suggestions/comments on my thread.

Good luck!


Congratulations on a beautiful entry Mike… Nothing to comment… just dropping by to wish you luck…


Simply amazing work - There’s a deep sense of wonder in Patricia’s posture and the city is mind-blowing!


Excellent work… :thumbsup: I can’t fault your final image… you have definitely delivered the goods.:scream:
Well done and good luck. :slight_smile:


Whew, now I feel better! I was expecting everyone would be posting and saying, “Oops, you missed something there…!” But no, 16 posts or so (most from folks who have given me the most fix-ideas throughout the last 3 months) and no one’s given me a single new fix note… Good! I guess I really am done! :smiley:

Thanks, everyone, for the posts and kind wishes!



oh my god, the paintover! i knew i’d forgotten something, hope it’s not too late… :scream:

btw. the walrus compensates for the lack of purple/pink on the left side. I thought that’d be a nice touch :slight_smile:


LOL! :thumbsup:
Yes, you’re right, of course the color has to be balanced on the left hand side! :applause:


I knew it Walrus is a neo-morph!


Hi Mike,

I can tell its a really well-executed wok of art!..Nice composition, nice details, what else can I say!
Congratulations Mike!:slight_smile:


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Another great work from you!
It´s nice to see such a high quality in every new work you present.

You could add a few details to the glass so you really knows it´s there. It´s not nessecary but that´s the only thing I can come up with.
Good work!


The only suggestion I can think of is to add an impression of myriads of small details to the cap of Axis City (partially hidden by big rings), as this is supposed to be enormous. But I suspect, that the detail is already there when viewed in higher resolution.

In any event, well done.


Great piece of art walrus :thumbsup:

Nothing to add, just fantastic!

PS: what is behind olmy`s head? is it blue pictograms/holograms? verry small in the detail you posted…


Nomad - Thanks! Those are picts to the left of Olm’ys head, being projected from his torque that he is using: Three glowing blue picts behind his left shoulder. Even at full resolution, their details aren’t too clear, but as it’s one of his primary ways fo communicating, I wanted to include it. You can make them out a bit in post #388, and a bit better in post #274.

Yoff - In the book, the front of Axis City is actually described as being relatively free from detail and lights compared to the sides fo the city. I’ve added a bit ut wanted to keep it relatively simple.

Norberg - Thanks! I could add details to the glass… but I’m not really sure what else I’d add aside from the reflections and glare already there. I’m open to suggestions… but I’ll confess I’m probably too lay to go back in and reupload anyhting at this late stage. :slight_smile:

Raffy - Thanks!

Hope you all are doing well with yours. It’s been really quiet around here lately, not the usual scramble to finish entries that we usually see in the closing week or two of a Challenge. Maybe the extension has backfired and everyone is just burned out? Anyhow, hope everyone is doing okay. Good luck…!



Yea, thats what I thought… I loved this elemnet in the book, I think nobody illustrated it exept you and it`s often described and used in the book :shrug:
Once again, great work :thumbsup:


Thanks! But I know that ChuckWadey also included a Pict in his painting… but instead of Olmy, it’s Suli Ram Kikura using it… and I can’t offhand think of a sinlge other entry that includes her in it. Poor Suli, not much love for her.


Ah, I suspected that…just didn’t want it to kill the scale…after reading Nomads post I went back and looked at the detail…man that shawl turned out nice…and the skin of the frant is excellent :thumbsup:


really like it :thumbsup: the light is perfect… well done Michael and Good Luck with it :slight_smile:


Spectacular finish, Michael, congratulations! This is a fabulous image. :slight_smile:


All right,now this is what I call a finish.Absolutely stunning image,makes me so jealouse.All the best to you Mike.