Eon (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow


Much better. Well, i think you´re pretty done now.

Hm, i don´t know about you but i always have problems with finishing early. Far to much time to think about every little stroke in the picture again and then i most likely end up being unhappy and left with the wish to do it all over again from scratch.

What this has to do with you and your lovely picture? Well, er…nothing i guess.

Well done!!


Hi, all! A few more changes with the cockpit. At this point I know they’re all subtle: I’m now long past the point where anyone’s going to notice the 2-pixel changes in my thumbnails!
I made the undersides of the cockpit arcs darker, which I really think helps a lot to make thier orientation even more clear than in the last revision. I’ve added some more tech details too, but they’re all small.

I tried adding Neville’s lights to the sides, but as Blaz pointed out, they drew too much attention to themsleves. But I kept the indentations from them - they add some nice detail to the walls.

I honestly can’t think of anything else to do on this piece save for submitting it. Any last ideas?

Notes and responses:

Black-Hand - I’m flattered, thanks… but at least wait 'til I’m done with it! I hate to think of some unfinished piece I’m unhappy with sitting on someone’s desktop. A friend of mine did that in the last Challenge. She had this older version, and by the time I’d finished, I’d repainted the 2 main characters! She didn’t update it, so I went onto her computer when she wasn’t around and uploaded the finished version!

Blaz - You are right of course. I tried it and lights ar a hard thing to make subtle, so I left them out altogetehr. They didn’t add anything but distraction.

Mark - For a book cover (or similar) job like this, I tend to read through the text about one and a half times on an average. One time all the way through start to finish, and a second time, here and there and taking more detailed notes. It’s the best way for me to both enjoy the book and make sure that I get all the details correct. Glad you think I’ve achieved that!

Torsten - Glad you think it’s looking done. I’m pretty much in agreement. I don’t like finishing early either… I generally try to pace myself to finish about 1 week before the end of the contest: enough time to get as much feedback as possible, but early enough to beat the final upload rush! :slight_smile:

So there we go… Any last observations, last details to adjust? See what you think…



Yea, 98 percent nailed!(as in only finishers left). I do rather like the idea that neville presented with the lighting. A very gentle orange may work i reckon. Regardless, it looks sweet! a nice 32nd congratulations :thumbsup:


clean and strong work. actually cant think of much you could improve cuz it rocks already. its well ballanced and masterly built, clean and great detailing works well distributed. kick ass job my friend :smiley: eiter way, i am 100% sure no matter what finishing touches you’re up to, they will rock, as usual :slight_smile: keep it up! :beer::buttrock::wip:


New cockpit details look excellent. Definitely no crits from me.


no crits from me either, I think it is wonderful work , but I might look for those 2 pixel at a time changes, ha ha


looking great, man!



Thanks, Mark, Marley, Ivy, Sacha, and Alex! (and good to see you drop by, Alex) It’s been a few days and the constructive criticism has dropped off and my own nitpicks have been polished off. (Sorry, Marley, I tried the lights more, they just didn’t work.)
So I think it’s safe to say it’s finished.

Before I post the final, I just thought folks might like to see a detail on the piece here it is!


Olmy and the Frant show Patricia the view from their ship and she gets her first sight of Axis City.

I felt it was important to show something from further into the book, not just the first half which takes place in the Stone. The story arc of ‘Eon’ - like many of Bear’s other novels - follows a long rising motion, where small ideas introduced in the beginning of the story grow in scope to an immense size by the end of the story. The Stone may be impressive, but as we move deeper into the Stone and into the story, the ante keeps being raised. What’s at stake by the end of the book makes the first half seem like small change. To truly convey the scope of the novel, I needed to depict something from later in the book, the Way in all its size and majesty, not merely a single chamber. (But not so far into the book that I gave too much away!)

However, to accurately represent ‘Eon,’ it’s not enough just to show the Way. The Way and Axis City, with their billions of inhabitants, mean nothing if not balanced with characters to whom the reader can relate. Patricia is the key character who spans both worlds, the woman who can comprehend the physics and geometry of this strange new world while still holding onto her ties from her Earth. From the first prologue in which we see Patricia, she is described as needing her connections to her home and family to anchor her, and it’s a passion that drives her actions (and keeps us tied to our own Earth) for the entire novel. Thus I’ve depicted her holding her own anchor, the letter from her boyfriend Paul which she carries with her for the entire book. (True, she usually has it inside her jacket, but it’s kind of hard to see there!)

I’ve tried with almost everything else to match the descriptions taken from the book. I hope all will forgive the artistic liberties that I’ve taken with the size and configuration of Ser Olmy’s ship: I needed a much larger vessel (and windows) to accurately show the City. All in all, it’s a small bit of artistic license taken for what I hope is a much greater effect.

Thanks go out to everyone who has commented on my progress, either by posting or in person, to help make this the best piece it could be. I have enjoyed and appreciated all of the encouragement, feedback, jokes, opinions, suggestions and drawovers that everyone has added. Thank you all for generously taking the time to help.



Congratulations on a very well planned and wonderfully done piece, Mike!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
One of a small bunch of entries that show the outmost care to stay as true as possible to Eon, that, in my book is a very strong point. :slight_smile:

Best of luck with the jury!


what a masterpiece despite the missing purple. congrats to yet another awesome challenge entry. I hope you’ll enter the next challenge also, cause it’s always fun and inspiring to keep an eye at your thread. all the best and peace out!


congrats on finishing this kick ass piece, kick ass from the first to the last pixel! and best of luck on the finals now :slight_smile:


Hi there Mr.walrus!so, you´ve finished your work. I like so much the sense of depth and its originality. Good luck again!:thumbsup:


(Sorry, Marley, I tried the lights more, they just didn’t work.)

hah, hey i’m not bothered, clearly it wasn’t much of a technical issue if this was all i could come up with. Unfortunately i have refreshed the image 5 times now and have been unable to view your finished product, but just wanted to say for the uptenth time that i learnt heaps watching your progress and actually interacting with you, been a journey :D.

Thanks very much. hope to compete with ya on future challenges.



Congrats on your finish Mike :slight_smile: It is a fantastic work of art and I have learned a lot by watching your progress and reading your posts from start to excellent finish


Congratulations! You made it! One of the strongest entries for sure.
Good luck with the jury, i bet you win at least something again.


Congratz! Very nice piece, from the first scetch to the final image. your works rockz!


Yap,yap me too say 2 you,congratz!!!Agree with all the others, excellent entry!!!
It was a real pleasure to follow it from the beginning and see this final!
Good luck Micheal, may ze forzz be wizzzz you!!!


BRAVO Mike! congrats on ur completion! i enjoyed every update that u posted :eek: tho i missed some :D:argh: … yikes! … but still … every element in ur entry has a smthin to say! n thats fascinating :eek: i love the details ( as usual ;)) … especially the skin textures … cloth folds … lighting … everything man! wooooooohoooooooo! :arteest:

knock out job bro! wishing u the very best for this challenge!

god bless ya!


Michael - this thread has been a great read. i love to see how you develop things and the great interaction you have with other artists. i adore this piece but you know i love all of your art!!