Eon (Illustration) Entry: MAURICIO ALVARADO KLADT


That’s very pretty. It looks like a lovely sunrise off to the left.

But where is the light coming from? There’s no sun in the chambers, only the plasma tube, and that would be directly overhead at all times no matter where you are, not off on the horizon.
It’s quite lovely, but I’m not sure it represents the book and the interior of the Stone very well yet… Good luck!



Wow I definately like the tilted camera angle your doing i think it needs more action and/or a payoff with that camera tilt though. the green tinted color pass on the latest one looks cool and represents the plasma light well. Its looking great so far! keep it up:thumbsup:
good luck!


Great stuff, one of my favs :slight_smile:


More color and texture aplications…


Changing the mood.
Working on Deep atmosphere, textures & Lighting.


i preferred the mood of the previous version, the light was softer and gave alll over a better mood. sometimes its much better to show not everything that crystalclearm then, the eye does the rest and things look more complex than they are.

light and for as well as DOF amount on this one are near perfetion. if you really want more contrast, maybe add some selfilumination to the glass ft the tube that would make it have the same effext like skyscrappers at night, play the car of a nice achitecture. hope that made sense, keep on rocking mate :beer::buttrock::wip:


nice image so far :slight_smile:
i like the comp
for me it lack of a rim sky colored light coming from the right of the screen , to enhance the whole image .
but it already good like this if time is missing


Working on the City lights.


very cool indeed! :eek: really like the way its coming up!

good luck dude! :thumbsup:


Fantastic image…but…

…might be wrong here…and having left my book on a plane sometime in the last two weeks…but the book says something along the lines of…massive structures that look like upright chandeliers…a view which is reinforced by the buildings above Patricia’s head seen through two atmospheres…or something like that. My impression (right or wrong) is that these massive structures can be seen due to their size (4km high) and Patricia is close to the axis when she views it. SO when she looks up she is seeing these same structures from another perspective - thus they appear to be hanging from the ceiling relative to her. Remember the chambers are about 50km across and 30km long (my figures are probably wrong but you get the idea - BIG) - which means that there is at the very least 40km between the top of one structure and the top (or bottom depending on your interpretation) of another on the opposite side.

Regardless of how you interpret the upright chandeliers…yours need to be attached to the city or 40km away…

I know its late in the process but just my 2 cents worth.


more ligthing work.


aplying some free traces.


wow~ the picture is so nice~ I love the paitning of scene~ very nice colours~ wow~ good luck~ and keep it up~ :bounce::bounce:


would love to see some more color. right now it kind of looks cromatic. but works as is :slight_smile:


making changes the atmosphere and bulding textures…


Big Change.!!
I add to the scene the buldings like bumpers and reorder the suspended chandeliers.


This is it!!
my final composition.
just still working on lighting and various elements.


Great update, I think this is better, because in foreground you put platform with the human , now it seems more intersting…
what program you use?
Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thank you for the comments, I use Strata for de structures, bryce for the atmosphere, phptoshop to integrate averuthing and painter for the final details.
Now i am starting the hi-resolution render, and then i will start with the final details.




This is the final composition in low resolution.
I will work in Hi-res and add various elements.
C&C are welcome