Eon (Illustration) Entry: MAURICIO ALVARADO KLADT


I like where you’re going with this one! Very moody pictures so far, and I can’t wait to see the finished piece!


Yeah, interesting start and direction! Keep it going like this man!:thumbsup:


OH !! Rich Concept !good~


looking good, keep it up.


Great sketches, and nice start in modeling.



This a view from the Bridge in Alexandria


Alexandria taking shape…


Excellent concept Scene!Cheers Warpy!:slight_smile:


hot dog it!:bounce: this is very cool! love the green colour wash! smthin very different! :eek:

waiting to c whats next! keep em comin dude! good luck! :thumbsup:


New view with taller buildings


amazing! just amazing! love that sepia look for the whole imagery! classy!

eager to c whats ahead dude! good luck to u! :thumbsup: cheeeeeeers! :beer:


You have long lost brothers in art in the form of Nemko,Nathaniel and Nilesh.Check out their
work .Very good first attempt.



hey man! very cool update! :eek: details r sure comin about! :eek:

a few things dude …

> the planets look really close … in ur earlier concepts … theres a good amount of haze and lot of atmosphere …

> also theres an environmental colour change … since theres a red sky … try ‘tinting’ the entire scene with the same shade …

> if u plan to add the sun … a strong directional light … from one particular angle shud make it more dramatic … ( just try and out … c if it works … obviously dude, with ur creativity … it’ll be more of an eye candy… hands down! :stuck_out_tongue: )

> the city lights r freakin awesome mate! … but since the structures r lit up as well … they seem to be overshadowed by it … make them more brighter … either … glow … glare … take ur pic …

i love ur work man! i really want it to look fabulous!

cheers buddy! :beer: n very best of luck to u! :thumbsup:


Playing with light and sky properties.


another color proof


Thats great progress man. The day light version looks much more intertesting in my opinion. Keep up the great updates and best of luck to you.


This latest daylight shot is my favorite. The contrast is striking, everything seems more defined.

I think the thing that bothers me about the night shots is the distribution of the “windows” light sources on the buildings - it seems the lights are too evenly distributed, and somewhat haphazard in arrangement, so they “flatten out” the forms of the architecture and make it difficult to see what’s overlapping what.

Great work!!


Hey Mauricio, you`ve done great here,I love the composition & the sense of scale.Nice work.Keep it up.




… Mauricio
Daylight version is exelent, but can you do something with planets in background, i can’ t see them like in illustration dated 10-20-2006?

anyway great job