Eon (Illustration) Entry: MAURICIO ALVARADO KLADT


MAURICIO ALVARADO KLADT is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Alexandria/Second Chamber


Muy Buena Suerte!


This is the first image of the asteroid entering tha orbit of the Solar System.


A squetch for a view of the sixth chamber


a squetch of an OTV out of the Cargo Bay


Thisis a squecth for the title


hello there, it’s nice for the start, are you going with this kinda look, or more paint like,
I like the composition, good luck:)


The brige… a view from the city.


The brige… a view from the city.


Of all your sketches, I like the one of the city best, I hope you will do that one!


Yes I think is the one i wll work.


first 3d model


another view of the 3d pre-model


:buttrock: wooooohoooooo love ur concepts! the asteroid is just amazing!! the city is taking shape!! … waiting for d updates!

one more thing dude … dont add the title like that … its really huge and blocking the main visual … all the attention will be lost :frowning: … work around a bit if u ever decide on the title :slight_smile:

still though! awesome! good luck dude! :smiley:


have you decided on a camera angle yet? Personally based on your models i would try and get an angle that highlights the size of the buildings. Perhaps a low angle like if you were on a city street looking up at them. Maybe even close to the buildings looking up. Idk just some thoughts to think about it. Looks great! keep it up


like the bridge concept very much:buttrock:
check in later, have good one :twisted:


This is an idea of what can you see in aa tipical sunrise in Alexandria, the photo was taken by me from the roof of my hose in mexico City.


holy cow :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


Does Any Body Knows How To Delete An Image Posted That You Do Not Want To Be Part Of The Thread?


Another vission of Alexandria, a little bit more techno City, The brige is going to be at the end of this image…