Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


Nothing but the best for our heroes. Apart from the sophisticated defence against deadly cosmic rays, this model has the leather steering wheel


Beautiful work Mark! Exellent design and paint job.
What sort of propulsion system are we talking here?
Pedal power


Wooowww, now that’s some great vehiculedesign,just love it!!!
I want one!!


The plaster is great! Ladies and gentlemen, the future!:buttrock:


Hey Per, I’m glad you ask because it’s an important question.

Pedal power is a fine option. It’s reliable, low-maintenance and easily fitted. Those things are important in modern spacecraft design.

Rubber band power was an option too but the rubber band is likely to break during a tense part of the story. And you’ve got to wind it up first. But it’s still an option and when the fate of our heroes is at stake you don’t want to rule everything out too quickly.

But there are some propulsion systems that I did have to rule out: Oars, for example. Oars are great in row boats but useless in outer space. You just go backwards and forwards in the same spot. And then there was the hamster on the treadmill. At first I thought that was a goer but then I realised Mona would never let me get away with it.

So I’m thinking some sort of anti-matter-powered propulsion or foot pedals. One of the two


Thanks Remko. Much appreciated. They’re still in limited supply, you know, being so advanced and everything

Thank you. Yes the plaster shows that this spacecraft has already seen action, and come out battle-scarred. I think that’s important


Hmmm. Many things to consider in a task like this

    First I would ditch the [b]rubber band[/b] thing right away! 

If you wind up a rubber band inside a ship like this and it breaks like you say
Man I wouldn’t like to be Lanier up in that cockpit!:eek:

I like the Hamster idea! They are eager and nimble little guys!
And maybe Mona wouldn’t mind
she is into Guinea pigs (a whole different breed).
But how many Hamsters it takes to get back an forth to the rock needs to be calculated.

      Finally your last proposal

I’m sure you will agree, a plain anti-matter engine would be to simple!
Have you considered
Anti-matter powered foot pedals?
I know there are still so called experts out there. That suggest such a machine could never work.
But I say they are all jealous of my genius!


I like that idea too… hamsters in a wheel… :bounce:
as long as you feed them proper, I happy with it… :wink: ha ha
and Try is right GPs and hamsters not even same thing…
GPs would never run in a wheel, under their dignity…
a degus would tho, they are bigger than a hamster.
They look strong and are full of energy… and kind of cute…

really a funny spacecraft you have started… love the flames… :slight_smile:


I am pretty sure that is the first hot rod space craft I have ever seen. So kool! Maybe it needs a colossal bolt on fuel tank? My son george loves it, but wants to know why it has no wings? Great work. Cheers.


haha, sweet machine! The hamster wheel sounds good to me too, or maybe some kind of hand pump?

Either way - this will be a perfect space ship for our heroes!


Haha, now that’s just plain weird!
Great stuff. Keep it up :bounce:



this looks beautiful, Mark…toooo cute!


Blueprint (plans) for the space craft. Keen observers will notice that some passengers might not enjoy the greatest of luxury, but that’s space travel for you.


Thanks for your excellent scientific feedback. It all helps. I can understand now why people say rocket science is difficult. There are a lot of details to consider

Thanks for your endorsement of the critter-in-a-treadmill method of propulsion. I consider you the supreme reference source for matters concerning small furry critters.

Cheers, mate! It’s important to me that the spacecraft looks formidable. I’m delighted that George likes it. If you want, you can tell him it doesn’t need wings because it only goes where there’s no air. This aint no home-built atmospheric glider - this is bleeding-edge rocket science. NASA - you can contact me with a PM if you want the blueprints

I sincerely appreciate your fine contribution to the science concerning the not-too-minor matter of propulsion. I can tell you, your diagram has cut weeks off my research and development time. I love it and I’m very grateful. I’ve printed out your picture and have passed it on to the Propulsion Team. Trust me when I say I’ve got my best people working on it

Thank you! Thanks for dropping by too

Cheers, matey. I think the flames go a long way towards achieving the look I’m after


I´m for sure gonna save up money for business class… :rolleyes:


LOL, that reminds me of how stinky space travel must be. Chili in space must be a lethal weapon…


Yep, you don’t want to take the cheap option in space travel


But you might be onto a possible power source…


If it’s chili powered, I don’t want a seat in business OR economy. I’d rather walk. :wise:


Funny stuff mark- I vote for business class!


Oh dear - you have some problems ahead for the economy class passengers - will they have to be sedated? The noise and lack of air must be stressful.
I’m gald you appreciate my efforts in helping out on the technical side - it so happens I may have a solution for those problems in this little diagram.
Keep the goodies come!