Eon (Illustration) Entry: Mark David


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I’m going to do something a bit different to my last challenge…

Oh one more thing - apologies in advance to you, Mr Bear. I really did enjoy your story a lot but I have a hunch that the way I’m heading might not represent it with what you might call clinical accuracy


Hahah, excellent, welcome aboard Mark! Bring it on.


Here’s my first concept sketch. I still can’t figure out if this is the scene I’ll go with because I reckon the really cool can’t-put-the-book-down stuff happens inside the Stone.

This sketch shows our heroes approaching the Stone. You’ll notice their craft employs the latest advances in protection against dangerous cosmic radiation.


ha, great mark, to see you here!! cool stuff, should be fun…and i like the cute concept!


Thanks heaps, soapy and shakes. Hey shakes, with you not having entered yet, you realise of course that we’re going to put all sorts of extreme pressures on you!


haha…I can feel those EONS of pressure rays coming my way!


Great to se you in the race Mark!:thumbsup:
And off to a splendid start! That cosmic ray umbrella is a stroke of genius!:slight_smile:

  Is that Lanier in the cockpit there, by the way? 

“Lanier resembled a pale-skinned Amerindian, though he had no Indian blood.”
“the eyes of a man used to seeing across great distances.”

The description seems to fit perfectly!:slight_smile:

Looking forward to a great space journey with you friend.



Hey Per, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I couldn’t let everyone else have all the fun.

Well, he sure is now! Thanks for that. Eyes used to “seeing across great distances”. I like that. I suppose when I do the actual model I should remember to have those eyes looking to where he’s actually going. :slight_smile:


LOOL!!awesome,dude,haha. That umbrella is awesome!:scream:


Great start, Mark! looking forward to see where you go with this!
Also, I love your crazy car in the gallery - so sweet :thumbsup:


found you Mark… :bounce:

and you started your sketches… sweet! and good luck of course… :slight_smile:
BTW, do you think we can manage a challenge without fur? haha


Brilliant sketch! I love the way you have captured the spaceships and the asteroid is beautifull!


Thank you! Yes, cosmic rays are a serious matter for astronauts. I just couldn’t do this challenge with the crew members left unprotected

Hey Gunilla, thank you. Thanks for the nice comment about the Car too. I’m really happy that you’ve entered this challenge

Hi Mona, yep, I couldn’t hide away for too much longer. Seeing all you folks throwing yourselves into it having so much fun. Yes, I’m nervous about the lack of fur, but who knows? I still might find some use for it. I mean, I’ve never been to outer space - maybe there’s fur all over the place out there!

Thanks matey! I’m glad you like the asteroid. I also like the look of the asteroid, although it’s a kind of beauty I wouldn’t want for myself


Here’s the CRSU, or Cosmic Radiation Shielding Unit - available through decades of scientific testing and development, and also available at most supermarkets


No comment, just brilliant Mark!!



Good work on the CRSU, the modeling translates nicely from the sketch.


nice work Mark…are we looking at more mega detail from yu? I know you can’t help yourself!


Just great,dude!5 stars!!haha the umbrella is marvellous:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Many thanks, Per. I’ll have a spaceship attached to the umbrella soon, and I can promise that the spaceship will be every bit as advanced as the Cosmic Ray Shielding Unit

Cheers soapy. I don’t want to lose any of the grandiose ‘shock and awe’ suggested by the concept sketch

Thankfully I might be spared a lot of the detail work in this one. You see, the crew and passengers will be down the back end of the spaceship flying Economy Class. You might have to go back to the concept sketch at the beginning to see what I mean. Sure it’s a bit cramped down there, but no one said space travel was luxury. So that’ll save me a lot of modelling time

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your kind words