Eon (Illustration) Entry: Marek Okon


gorgeous , the only thing I can see that throws me about Patricia is the index finger by her shoulder. Not sure why, too long maybe? * looks again, ahhh I think what it is , there is not much definition between her finger and collar of her suit, so made me think it was her finger all curved weird


yeah man thats great one of my favs:D


What can I say, this is jaw dropping stuff we got here :slight_smile: Beautiful work Marek.


Yo man…You cut the head of you character…I liked’ it more before!:slight_smile:


As I said before - its just a crop of Patricia to show more detail on her :] Composition of the picture will remain as it was before so dont worry :wink:


These characters is great dude,nice paint skills.


Frankly, i liked the face of Patricia more in the sketchy version. Hm, hard to tell, maybe just a matter of personal taste.

Her uniform is kicka**


Thanks man!

In previous sketches Patrica was like this very sexy very strong and confident looking women - and it wasn’t what I had in mind. In the book she is smart sensitive and fragile woman who is put up against this huge adventure ahead of her… And that is what I was aiming for in this last one ;] My only hope is that I did get it


O.K., i see. You got a (good) point here.
I don´t see any reason why you shouldn´t get it .

Never mind the man behind the curtain whistle


Any comments are always most welcome mon. I just love how people can have totally different point of view than you :] Its very learning experience :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Wow… that is a stunning image. The lighting and contrast are beautiful. The feeling is fantastic. Wonderful work and congratulations!!

Cheers :smiley:


Patricia looks amazing… And the lighting in your scene is really great… The image works in every aspect i can think of… And Patricia does look fragile now… good luck… waiting for updates


Still not happy about his head… maybe you could help me here?


this is far out man! :eek: :eek:

n u aint happy with his head?! :eek: :argh: i think its just as good! pleash pleash … dont make any further changes to it … :cry:

that is some detail mate! very emotional indeed! …

i think u can work more on his outfit … detail wise … if ur aiming for a leather texture … coz his outfit has that specular gloss goin on … at hi - res … u can really pull it off with the leather texture detail! :eek:

patricia’s outfit is just amazing! lovely blend of sci-fi and feminity … ( the strips flowing from the left side of her outfit ) very very beautiful! ( i hope u dont change this further )

also add a lens flare effect for the bright light!

dude … i really love this piece with all my heart! :love: very good contrast … emotion … depth of field … detail … n above all … as to what i felt looking at it …

magical! :love: :bounce:

good luck ma friend! :thumbsup:

god bless ya!


wow.very beautiful image.very emotional.and the detail on the characters is stunning!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


cant see anything overtly wrong with his head, have to shrug on this one i’m afraid, i have to be annoying and say, “If i could get my characters to look this good, i’d be bloody happy” …Alternatively?, have you flipped your image?, always a good way to see deficiencies/sp?.



In my opinion it is not the head per se, I’d suggest you try a little experiment with the lighting.

As I see it, the cold light you put (very much correctly) on the back of his head is a tad too wide, thus flattening it a bit.

I would narrow a bit the cold light there, moving the shadow slightly towards the back and widening accordingly the zone of warm light in front.

Just IMHO, of course, but it is the only thing that I see as possibly needing an adjustment, anatomy and proportion of the head look good to me.


No no, rewelacja :applause:

Great piece of art Marek, its just fantastic :thumbsup: Im just not sure about the square format… will you keep it for the final?


Joy. This is my favorite piece. Love it. Everything about it is super solid. Brilliant.

There’s a hard edge in the background that I’d soften up - directly above her head.


Pretty amazing image, did you use color reference?