Eon (Illustration) Entry: Didzis Beitlers


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Latest Update: Line Art / Model: Line art


I modeled the enviorornment in 3d to spec the help with the perspective issues of a cylindrical world.

I did some random sketches for possible building there


an update of my progress tonight.


And another update of the thing in place.


Hallo, and welcome!

You have an interesting entry, here. :slight_smile:
Just one note, if I may: at first I thought your thread was empty of art, since the thumbnail on the forum page was gray.
I guess you posted your updates normally, instead of submitting them through the ‘submit entry’ page http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/eon/submit_entry.php .

But this way the updates don’t count as steps towards completion of the challenge, moreover they don’t show up as thumbnails, making it look like no progress is going on in the thread. Uploading through the ‘submit entry’ page you’ll likely have more visitors to your thread, and thus more feedback.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


Thanks a lot, that’s the question I was going to ask, but you allready answered it!!


This is my idea for third chamber. Will try to illustrate the scale of the world, the cylindrical aspect of it, the plasma tube, the massive 4 km high buildings and the 10 km long arches that throw large shadows on the communities below.


Hi there!!!Hey great,but late:D start man!!!Really spectacular and dynamic composition you got there!Great thumbs also!
Good luck on those few days you got left!!!gogogo:D:D


LOL, tnx, I hope there’s a procrastination award!!


Glad I could be of help.:slight_smile:

I second OKMER, very dynamic shot and great composition, can’t wait to see your next steps!


Lol, better late then never is what I go by. You still have a great shot at this and your latest concept with the hi-tech detailed plate in the background is very interesting. I’ll definitely check in on your next update.

Best of luck and hurry hurry hurry!!


Rough placement of the foreground objects, the arch, the tower and extra detail for the cap.


Hey,21 days left now Didzis!!!ha,ha Yesss!!!Finaly not late but still an very dynamic pic with a nice view!!!Can"t wait your next steps!!!Keep on rocking :beer:


Hi mate

show me some details and how you will make the look and feel of it come to life…

But time is running out
. Show us some milestones and some more work, so we can give you more feedback



PS: look at mine and tell me what you think



An update! Hm, donno what to say, it’s been so long since an update, well, more updating sooner. The background and the titan building I used a lot of 3d so far, and the roadways details is photoshop.


That looks interesting, maybe more color and shading and it’s gonna be neat!


I’m learning to paint more of the overall instead of getting bogged down into minute details.


Thanks Ranath, I’m hoping to make it more colorful. I ussually make things way to colorful anyway, so that shouldn’t be a problem.


Hmmm, beautiful perspective…

I agree with Ranath about colours and shading - and I can see you do too :slight_smile: .

I guess you are going to gett some more contasting, like foreground-background, worm-cold colours, and may be get some atmospheric effects, depthof field…
And it’s going to be great!



Cool colour palette…and i like the dinamic point of view too…