Eon (Illustration) Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


The character, physiognomy =)


Hey Arseniy,

Wonderful character! Perfect match to the world!
Are you going to give him(her) more fleshy shader? Now material on it looks a bit mechanical. Unless it’s wearing a spacial suit - in this case just ignore my last comment.

Fantastic work!


musi, [color=deepskyblue]Thanks! =)[/color]

Here while simply grey material.
On a head there will be still an light helmet (now I create him), on a body an armour, but shader skin it will be similar plastic,… updating will soon come… =)


each update is packed with visual eyecandy! :eek: n this one most certainly rocks! :buttrock:

no crits from me buddy!

just go go go! :scream:


Hella cool!!


Great progress :applause:and fantastic unique style :thumbsup:

Good luck in the final days/steps :bounce:


alien body


keep em comin my friend! :buttrock::applause::smiley: this is the best yet! :scream:

good luck as always!

full speed ahead! :scream:


The full size, fragment.


wooooooohooooooooooooo!! up close and personal! :applause:

this keeps getting better and better!

amazing dude! :eek:


nwiz25, [color=deepskyblue]Thanks!!![/color] :slight_smile: =))))
All has finished. In some hours I shall publish the full version… :bounce:


“Dream of Axis City”
The illustration is created, under impression of book EON. So it was presented me Axis City, the image differs from the description of the book. I wished to create the my associations from the book.

Thanks all who looked process of creation of work! :slight_smile:
Thanks all who made comments on process! :slight_smile:
Separate thanks my family for support and understanding. :slight_smile:
Excuse that communicated a little, badly I know English so I little bit reticent, it in due course will pass. :slight_smile:


The big image 3000x2192 pixel >>HERE<< :smiley:


You kick ass)what more do I have to say=P…the modeling is awesome but something’s still missing.it’s better then the “Journey Begins” Challenge but still…I really find it great,but I don’t feel it as much I shuold i suppose…dunno=P well,anyway you’ve done an amazing job an keep up the good work… :wip: :thumbsup:


Nice final image. Such as D1ver (or like ?), the mode is very interesting.
I was a little “anxious” when you post your sketch in first time, but the final is really amazing. Great job, maybe I find my winner. :slight_smile:


Uuuuuh, that’s a kick ass entry! :thumbsup:

Tremendous amount of details. Especially those small symbols in your textures are nice.


Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


congratulations dude! :eek::scream::applause: fantastic work me friend! details are just amazing! :eek: u really outdone urself buddy! bravo! :applause:

wishing u the very best of luck man! :thumbsup:


Congratz on that final!Love those tribal/art nouveau things in your textures!!!Lovely concept and outstanding image and skills mate!!!All the best of luck to you!!!


My congratulations, you’ve finished your challenge with awesome artwork! :thumbsup: Keep UP your cg style! :bounce: