Eon (Illustration) Entry: Arseniy Chebynkin


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Latest Update: Final Image: Final Image Dream of Axis City


Initially I participated in a category 3d scene but have not calculated an opportunity of a computer, and create 4-8 second animation could not. I shall make an illustration on the basis of, already created materials for 3d scene.

This link to my old theme in a category >>3d scene<<


Fragments from 3d scene w.i.p.


Hi Arseniy.

Excellent work, I like color compositions very much. Waiting final image with impatient.



Hey Arseniy,

Great to see you here, on Illustration forum!
I just wanted to give you some support and encourage you to continue a good work.
Go-go-go, Arseniy :arteest: !!! (Horoshaya rabota, prosto zamechatelnaya!)



hey dude!! welcome welcome!:scream: good to c u here! :bounce: :buttrock: :applause:

looking forward to ur work! :arteest:

good luck buddy! :thumbsup:

god bless!


hey great stuff… welcome! and good luck.


The ship, even to fly is able )))


man! u rule! :buttrock: excellente details! :eek: very colourful and solid! :eek: im waiting to c more wonders from u! :bounce:

good luck dude! :thumbsup:

cheers! :beer:


Thanks! It is glad, that you look in a thread and encourage me =))) once again thanks! =)


Beautiful ship, Arseniy!
Very matching in style with the backgrounds. And niche addition of contrasting colours, I think.



more details… )


really cool so far, I like the scale and depth of your image and you have a unique style :slight_smile: so different , can’t wait to see updates




Unbelievable artwork! its great man congratulations!


I like the swirly elements you incorporated, very cool interpretation of the world, and the craft with the red glowing engines is awesome!! Starting to look spectacular!!


amazing dude! simply amazing! :eek: very well detailed! :bowdown:

cant wait to c the full composition! :eek:

good luck buddy! :thumbsup:


this is gorgeous mate! Really good sense of scale, also you’ve seem to have really captured a different atmosphere than everybody else, nice one.

Loving your craft design too.

Great work!


this is extrelly nice as far as design and modelling are concearned but maybe a bit too monochromatic… great work


Thanks!!! :slight_smile:
Now I try to have time to make the character that on [font=Arial]my [/font]concept art :slight_smile: sits on a balcony, one of these days I shall publish his model… :smiley:
I seem again have gone too far in details from for this picture it has turned out a mad heap… %) Eternally with me so… :sad:
p.s. Forgive for my very bad English… It is necessary to learn =)))