Eon (Illustration) Entry: Adrian Baluta


Its a beautiful image Adrian, but by ignoring the fact that the chambers are cylindrical, this has very little relation to a scene from Eon. There are no horizons in the chambers. My honest opinion - if you take this image into Photoshop, and run Distort/Polar Coordinates/Rectangular to Polar, you’ll see what I mean (obviously not as a final, but just to illustrate how you landscape could look incredible as a wraparound). The cylindrical nature is the whole central point of the landscapes in the book. Sorry if this is a harsh crit - if I was critiquing the image as a standalone, I’d give it 5*, but as a piece of concept art from Eon, it needs work. But you have loads of time!


Hi guys,Thanks so much for your comments and sugestion!I also have my opinion and I may say it is very strong one.What hapend if all of you make exactly the cilindrical shape of the Chambers,will be alot of same perspective and shape for most af our works.We need to take same parts not all of the ideea of the chamber shape and also we must creat alot not to do something like in the arhitecture way because is not a challenge for arhitecture and tehnics is a challenge of CREATION!We not supose to be precise because is not a map with the height and width is not a tehnical project is a creation one.Also the Earth have a spherical shape but from our point of view we dont see that right.

Thanks for all!


Nice stuff.
whaiting to see it done
good luck
si bafta


great composition and yes it looks futuristic. Your scene is going in the right direction:thumbsup:

all the best:thumbsup:


Thanks I am happy then are alot of people who thinks that I am in the right direction.To make a good atmosphere is very important when we talk about the chambers.I m glead you liked!

Best to all!:slight_smile:


No prob.

However, even if this is your interpretation, I think accuracy is the only thing that will cause this picture to lose out.

Its not a matter of technicality - rather the cylindrical shape is completely wrong. The book expresses that the inherent perspective of the Stone is so weird that it freaks people out, and I think that it should be reflected in art regarding it.

Check out the cover art of Eon, and you might see what I mean. Alot of people have interpreted the chambers wrongly, so you’re not alone, but had most of you checked the “the story” thread on the first forum page or actually studied the book, you’ll notice that the concept itself is wrong, not the measurements, nor the drawing, nor anything else, its the concept thats inaccurate.

Hope this helps you.


[QUOTE=adib]Adrian Baluta is entered in the “Eon Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: The Fourth Chamber
[Beautiful concept art, Adrian. I like the appearance of the tube! But in the fourth chamber, you’d see the tubelight running into the chamber wall in the distance… The ratio between diameter of the chamber (fifty km) and length (30km) being what it is! Tubelight might also be larger and more diffuse, though artistically, I like this approach quite a bit.]


dang~i havent even started and now ur finished~the outcome is visually stunning ,cleanly and slickly shaded,awesome stuff,congratulation to u mate,i wish u luck:thumbsup:


Hey Adrian,

this is an outstanding creation, very beautiful vision:thumbsup: !
It’s all said about the general shape and I accept your interpretation this way…Concerning the goal - creating something eyecatching and to attract the viewer, making him curious - I think your picture actually does all of this, so I can just say: congrats!:slight_smile:




Thanks daWinky,thanks MichaelZHsee,thanks GregBear I tried to do my best:bounce: ,about the Tubelight I will tried this weekend to make another interpretation of the light.Thanks GregBear for your consideration!

Best to all!


This time is a very small corection of the depth.I make this because the tubelight is not like a laser is more diffuse.Looks better like that.Thanks for the advise.I am glead that sow many people who like my work.Best to all.


Cool job, man! Looks alive. Filled with motion and still motionless. Beatutiful sunset. And islands look astonishing. Good luck!


Stunning work in every detail… :thumbsup:


Thanks alot guys!I do my best!:bounce:


nice atmosphere, it’s got a certain modern day Turner quality to it.

Keep it up.



Thanks Villane! Nice challenge ! this is my first time in that kind of competition and I liked alot!:bounce:


Some testing composition and color.


It’s interesting to see the different colors, but in all of the lower examples, you’ve lost all of the subtlety that make your original color choices work so well. And they do work well! There’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken.
Congrats on finishing.



I agree. It’s sometimes useful to try things just to show how right you were the first time. The blue one is nice, but your piece is great the way it is.


Hey,this is grat work,Istruggling to finish my thing & youre already done.This is really awesome work,especially the atmosphere.