I’ve uploaded it a second time with the right name and the correct codes,as i always do, and it say’s ,there was an error loading your file???
How long it takes befoe it arrives in my thread?
Thank you guys!!


Mibus. The CGUploader is not working for me. PLEASE EXTEND THE DEADLINE so we can upload our videos! I’m running into too many problems here. :argh: :cry:


the same here!:bounce::cry:


Mibus, my upload says that it went through for final submission, but it is not showing up on my page. I was in so much of a hurry that I tried to upload it at the very last second. Again, I was running into way too many problems. Please allow an extension for those of us like myself who just ran into too many problems trying to convert the video into flv. I’ve worked so hard these last days and it now seems for nothing. Please consider an extension for final animation submissions. :cry:


Hey Mibus,

I went to the “submit image” page link and it said the challenge was over and no more submissions etc. It also said you can check out some of the entries , so I clicked the link and went looking for my entry.
It seems only the illustration challenge entries are visible , the 3d and trailer entries aren’t visible . Anyone else seeing or not seeing this.:slight_smile:


An addition to my last post. I went to look at some of the illustration entries at the link mentioned in my above post but I could only look at the thumbnail images. When I clicked the thumbnail image to see the larger image nothing happened.
I am sure you will get the bugs worked out. I just wanted to make sure my entry was accepted. Come to think of it , it would be harder to validate what 3d and trailer entries completed all the tasks.

Correction to my statement here . It just took a long time to load one of the illustration images.



I don’t understand.
I was in before time(40 min’s!!!yesss)

I saw my pic on the final upload page, the last step was ok and my pic was there!!!

But he is not there in my thread.
I reuploaded it 2 times more before time to be sure it’s ok but still not there?

I was so happy after almost 2 sleepness night that i had made it before time!!
And i went down the nightshop to go get a couple of beers to party it and now it’s not there…?


Mibus : I tried to connect to the ftp site 8 hours before time…till now, still cant connect…i guess i missed the deadline…sigh:sad:


man, this ftp solution seems too be really half baked, its sad if you work 4 month on this project but nobody can see it officially cause a ftp trouble!?:sad:


hey mibus u havo not answer none on my questions … give us sometime for the animation also renders … will 2 days is that much we dont own renderfarms :eek:


Well if this challenge is anything like previous one ftp is open for something like hour after deadline - so everyone should be able to upload their images. My last challenge there was something wrong with zip file and i had to upload it again 30min after deadline and it was accepted without any problems… so stay cool people :buttrock:


damn got also ftp problems:( i finished 20 min before deadline, but can´t connect to it… very very sad, 4 months hard work is for the shitter:D


FTP is still open, and will probably be open for 12-24 hours. Any of you having FTP trouble should check that your firewall isn’t getting in the way, and should contact me.

People asking for extensions: we’ll discuss it here shortly, but I don’t know that it will happen given we’ve already extended the deadine by two weeks. (Keep your renders going, if nothing else you can post them online!)

Everybody, please check that you (and your friends) are correctly listed on the entries page:

If you are not listed then you are not considered “finished”. Please email me if you think you’re finished and the system doesn’t!

My email address is robert@ballisticmedia.net


Hey Mibus,

I just emailed you , I am considered finished but I have a question about the main image being shown in the thumbnail and at the top of my Entry page . It is the low resolution video image instead of the higher resolution final image so when you click on the image to see a much better larger version you actually see a smaller version . Everyone else seems to be okay , I must have done something wrong. Could you somehow fix this .



Hi Mibus,

Ive emailed u about the finished list.

Yup, Ive checked my Firewall setting and finally im uploading now. But its pass due. I dont know if i will still be in or not. Ive submitted the Final Image in the WIP hours before the deadline, am i in?

I understood the rules clearly as it stated about lateness in submission. I’ll accept any decision and thankful if theres any leniancy…



Hi Mibus,
did I understood correctly: If i’ll finish the animation within 12-24 hours, i have still an opportunity to upload my animation and i’ll be listed among “finished entrants” ?



Guys just to clear something up the Final FTP upload does not Update your thread. The final regular upload updates your thread, the final FTP just gives cgsociety a printable hi-rez copy of your image.

Also when I uploaded my image it did not show up for about 30 minutes, but then appeared just fine. Now especially with everyone uploading at once the system can slow down a bit, but worry not your image should be just fine, just takes a while to it to be displayed.


I did upload and it said completed but i don’t see my entry in the entry page. I emailed Mibus.
Hope it gets out there. I took off from work to finish the finals.


I just noticed that my entry isn’t showing amongst the entries…



Hi Mibus, when is going to be an announcment of the judges?