Entagma Live! - Masterclass at Everything Procedural - 23/24 April 2018


We are happy to announce an unique opportunity to experience a live Masterclass with Entagma’s Manuel & Moritz. The Masterclass wil precede the Everything Procedural Conference (25 April 2018) in Breda, the Netherlands which focuses on procedural content generation for games. Talks are provided by leading figures in the field, presenting procedural content application in companies from indie game development to AAA games.


The Masterclass will be a two-day event (both 9:00-17:00) and take place on Monday April 23rd and Tuesday April 24th. This is a unique opportunity to learn, meet and work with the best mentors in the field. We have only limited places.

Day 1: PBD Techiques - Manuel Casasola Merkle
Although PBDs are called “grains” in Houdini, they offer far more possibilities than just simulating your average sand castle. Wires, Cloth, even fluids can be efficiently simulated using PBDs. Not only that but they come in handy when it comes to numerical problems such as surface packing. Manuel will give an in-depth look into how to set up multiple production proven PBD setups, covering not only the logic behind Houdini’s grain system but also how it works under the hood and how to take advantage of its architecture.

Day 2: Volume Techniques - Moritz Schwind
One of the most fascinating aspects of Houdini is the deep implementation of volumes into the software. Be it geometry creation, simulation or shading & rendering - volumes can play a vital role in your projects. With tools such as VDBs and openCL at your disposal in Houdini, you gain control over what (if not revolutionize) is going to change your workflow. Moritz walks you through his favourite techniques when using volumes in Houdini, including advanced topics such as volume procedurals and working with volumes in openCL.