Encounter, Anssi Ahola (3D)


Title: Encounter
Name: Anssi Ahola
Country: Finland
Software: Blender, Photoshop

This is my “Little space opera”, a quickie I made a few months ago. It was really just a test of lattice deformators. After messing with them I came up with the alien ship. Added texturing which is mainly randomly tiled wood and procedurals slapped on top of each other. When the object suddenly started to look like an alien ship, I added a previous texturing practice (ship on the foreground) to the mix. The last thing was to add the moon and the nebula to the background. That was done in Photoshop.
The image came out better than I expected, which was initially nothing since I was just toying around.

Modelled and textured in Blender. Nebula and moon added in photoshop.


really nice work Joat, nice to see fellow BlenderHeads posting here.


i remember seeing this image waaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back. it wasn’t as… well lit as this version. nor were the textures as impressive. good job! do you have a link to ur WIP?


Well, did some adjusting in Photoshop. Brightness / Contrast only. Tought it was a bit dark.
Glad you like it. =)


nice work with blender , may use diffrent background considering the contrast of the whole scene.:wink:


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