Emily's Sketchbook


here i will be posting some sketches to help practice and improve my skills.
This thread will mainly feature traditional work, but I am trying to improve and further my digital and even 3D work, so a few of those may end up here.
Feedback and critique would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much for your time to look at my work.
My instagram @emilymeganxart


Woah looking good! Nice edge control!


Little random humanoid alien sea creature? I was really fond of the face.


Male and female face studies!



Hi Emily and welcome to the sketchbook forum! These are some beautiful sketches Emily and I’m looking forward to seeing more from you. I’m curious to know what artistic challenges you’re currently facing in either 2D or 3D? Is it color, design, anatomy, or something else? Once again, we’re all happy to see you here!


Hello Michael! Thank you so much ^-^ with these sketches I am trying to develop a more personal style for concept work, so any feedback on their general aesthetics would be good! Whether if they reflect good anatomy and if there is a reoccurring recognizable style coming through? :slight_smile:
Further along I will probably post some coloured pieces too. I am still trying to find my way with digital art, and so with those specific pieces I think I will ask a certain question regarding the aspects of that piece :slight_smile: I hope this makes sense!
Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my scribbles, i truly appreciate your feedback!
I hope to one day become a concept artist, and so I am trying to develop and discover my personal design style and I think posting regularly on this thread will help me determine what needs altering, revising and working on!

Emily <3



You’re most welcome Emily! You have a wonderful list of artistic goals and I’m more than welcome to help you in any way that I can.

With regards to style, I think the best way to think about style is a sum of your taste and influences. Style is a byproduct of mileage, observation, and experiences you share everyday in life. Even in your present artwork I see your personal or I like to call it the “house” style. It’s a style that you can always go back to and will continue to evolve.

However, as a concept artist, you will learn how to work with different styles depending on the production. A good rule of thumb is that style is driven by story. Some shows can lend itself to a more stylized approach while others are more photo-realistic. Some styles are geared for feature animation while others are more feature film. So in essence, I wouldn’t worry too much about style, but just keep creating art. In addition, get a feeling for where you want direct your concept art work. Would you like to draw more stylized such as animation or would you like create more photo realistic characters that could live within a live-action feature film?

As for anatomy, I like to first state that learning anatomy is a marathon not a sprint. Even in my art education, I will continuously challenge myself to learn more about anatomy even if I feel a slight bit comfortable. As I peer through your sketches, you have a great sense of shape and your form language is definitely getting there. If you’d like to push yourself further try this out: take some of your sketches, bring them into Photoshop, and do an anatomical red line (draw over) of your drawing. Use reference and see if your forms are where they should be. In addition, you can also take photo reference and draw the anatomy over those sketches which will help you exercise your eyes to seeing the underlying form and anatomy. From there, it’s a matter of taking those anatomical principles and learning more about gesture drawing and the beauty of drawing rhythm with line and form.

Keep it up Emily and this sketchbook is the perfect place to experiment and share your findings with the others! I’ll keep checking back every once in awhile and please feel free to ask questions. Happy learning!