Embeding 3d model into an exe file


Hi, I ll be sending 3d models as snapshots to clients more often. I wonder if there is a way to create exe version of the model so my clients can view the model in 3d space without having to install a 3d program. Any information will be helpful.


This is the fastest and cheapest solution:


Thats exactly what i was looking for psyk0. But is there a software to do the job? Because sometimes I sign NDA and the client may not want me to use third party services. Thanks for the reply.


You can do so by importing your 3d mesh into a game engine with Arcball navigation implantation.
To meet your requirements , Coppercube 6 is the one. It is free … just import your model, add a model viewer camera, import your material if you want. Then export it as window exe or mac dmg. It will run by its own on any pc.
Hope this helps.