Elf Warrior, Juanma Alonso (3d)


Title: Elf Warrior

Name: Juanma Alonso

Hi everyone!
Personal Character , sculpting/modeling in Zbrush/Maya and texturing in Mari/ Painter ,
still images was rendered in Vray for Maya using alshaders , details were sculpted in Zbrush and using TexturingXYZ tillable maps, better quality images on my website
Thanks for looking!

Website: http://www.digitalalonso.com


Beautiful work. I especially like the eyes and the hair. Those are always hard to make look right.


Amazing features on everything. For those middle images; did you add fine facial hair for the render?

         Thanks a lot! glad you like it,  Yes I used XGen features to add facial hair to the model.


At last, facial hairs done correctly… I was looking at some renders and artists claiming to have made photorealistic sculpts and rendering… but when you see in details, hairs only on head. that’s all… In real life, there are micro hairs all over the skin, specially on face, forehead… except on upper cheeks, under eyes and some part of forehead… and how eyebrows hairs just don’t disappear with sharp boundaries but they fade away… it’s done correctly here…

One feedback… corners/edges of eyes balls and inside mouth needs more occlusion…

Great Job… Congrates…


Awesome character!