EITG Modeler/Product?


‘I’m not asking for a product now. HOWEVER knowing if any modeler would be canned would make it an easier step to just move on to new tools’.

I agree with your post - particularly with this bit.
If it is not going to fly then tell tell all the poop schmucks like me who still use and love using EIM and continue to wait (and wait…) for an update.
While Ian’s post was encouraging, in a way, it does nothing to indicate when the app may arrive. It’s already well over two years. Will I still be asking the same question in a years time? two years?
The fact that Brad hasn’t posted anything means to me that he’s between a rock and a hard place. Still developing, but probably very slowly because of limited resources, and possibly the major programmer either committed elsewhere or suffering from illness or other personal problems. So, he can’t give a timeline.
Just guessing, who knows? But then that’s the point isn’t it - everyone is just floating in limboland, guessing!


After selling intellectual property from what I’ve seen going on lately in tech industry I’m sure it wasn’t less than 1 million. I’m sure reason why we didn’t hear from them while they negotiated was that they had to ensure funding, payment and distribution. Legalities across 3 countries and then closing of the deals ensuring all parties are happy and in agreement in moving forward afterward.

With whatever earnings EITG made from the sell off. They may have purchased a brand new team. The developers that worked in EIM are in other companies.

Kishore - EITG
Himashu - Autodesk (based on search)
Bob Bell - Renault team 3d simulations (based on search)
Norm Evangelista - MiTAC software engineer (linkedin & search)

So that core EIM team is gone with the exception of Kishore.

New blood may be working on new tech with new resources. Under the hypothetical going rate of 60 to 90k a developer a year and still selling EIAS v8 a 1 million or 2 million investment on R&D, development, QA and beta testing sounds feasible. I’ve been in environments where we dump 65k a month in errors, no results and then as refinements go under way you have a product.

I trust that we may need 1 more year before a true announcement in the open. That way there are no true disappointments in false hopes. Ian is my best gage and his 1 liner is enough information for me to sit back. I just truly hope this app is great. I’ve waited 7+ years to upgrade EIAS I can wait another 3 if I had to for a good modeler. In the mean time there are some great alternatives.


You think EITG could get 1 million for EIAS? Wow. I really wouldn’t have thought that. :eek: Wouldn’t think the user base would be big enough.

Btw, do you live in Alpharetta GA?


Yes in Alpharetta. In fuzzy math a while back considering EI is used in Brazil, Spain, Japan and US from my random searches. I try to keep the pulse on the market. Also on issues other 3d apps have and cross compatibility. 1 million would be considering there are 1,000 active users that have updated at the $450 upgrade price. This does not include if they have multiple licenses or are 1 in a team of 3 or 4.

I see the value based on a software sale not to mention konkeptonite upgrades that would be sold as well. So a 1 mil is a conservative number and 1/2 of that may had been negotiated as an ongoing relationship. Just seeing it from a business approach nothing more nothing less.


OT: Very cool, I live 30 mins south of you…Stone Mountain! Small world!


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