EITG hand over EIAS to EIAS3D


On 15th midnight, the new owners of EIAS take over the software. I just upgraded to V8 5 minutes before Midnight :wavey:


Hi Burney,

i quite don’t understand… I thought with the deal between EITG and EIAS3D the software was already handed over, only that EITG was still selling V8. Now what does this mean as of today? Is EITG no longer selling as of today V8 and tommorow EIAS3D continues selling V8 or is releasing V9?

A bit confused…



EITG no more selling EIAS V8 after midnight, 15th July, 2010. I received the final note and managed to grab the offer before it ended. :slight_smile:


Just ckecked the EITG site and saw Brad’s announcement. Checked also the EIAS3D site, but it seems not ready yet, still WIP.

Well, then all the best to EITG and much success for EIAS3D!



EIAS Officially Transfers to EIAS3D

Posted by Brad on 07/16 at 08:10 AM
Since 2003 we have had the great privilege and honor to own and manage one of the world’s premier 3D Animation Packages. As of July 16th, 2010 EI Technology Group will no longer be reselling the EIAS system. If you are interested in learning more please visit http://www.eias3d.com

Thank You to all EIAS users for your years of continued business.

Sincerely, Brad Parscale


Cool!!, just reloaded my Cache…:slight_smile:



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