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I havent used EIAS in like 5 months. I think the new logo look is fro-mage cheese.
I honestly feel that EIAS has never been more irrelevant than it is right now.


Hi Michael,

with all respect, why would you need a new activation code? Normally removing all Dongle related driver stuff and EIAS and then installing a fresh version of both should fix your problem, in case your dongle was not fried.

In case it was fried, Dongle Users should (before this happens) probably get a quote from Professional Services offering Sentinel etc. Dongle Emulation Software.

Hope you got your problem sorted out!



There’s no reason for your dongle code to stop working if it worked before. If you had a system crash, its more likely something is corrupted. I would suggest a complete reinstall of the software (which I’m sure you already did). If that doesn’t work, try an installation on another computer just to test your dongle. If EI works on another machine then your focus should be on getting your crashed computer more healthy. Might be time for a complete reinstall of the OS.


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