EITG Forums was taken offline


I just checked EITG Forum and it was taken offline. I am wondering EIAS3D will archive those useful threads.



It’s a different address for a new EI.





Yes… that is the URL for the new ownership, but Burney was asking about the original EITG forum history. If it hasn’t been archived on the new site, its likely all those old posts are gone.


Exactly, EIAS manual is very basic and there isn’t any comprehensive tutorials around. Those older threads are very useful when come to solving some peculiar EIAS problems. I am sad that they are gone. If the new EIAS owner can continue to host those threads will be much appreciated. :cry:



I was pretty sleepy and I misunderstood. I notice all the tutorials are on the new site. But yes, it would be good to have access to all the info. Maybe that stuff can get transferred to the new site. Tomas Egger would be the one to ask about that, I think.

Hopefully, there are still enough users here to help when questions come up.



Well I’ll do what I can to help answer any questions if you have some.



I’ll help whenever I can as well.



Excellent. Thanks Craig.


Hi Brian,

Thank you for keeping this forum alive. I think this will be the EIAS user forum for mutual help and chats. Your opinions and thoughts are always enlightening. If you have time, keep them coming. Thank you in Advance,




Hi Craig,

Thank you. You all are the people that keep EIAS alive. :beer:



EIAS is a good software package. It is my hope that the EIAS3D team can revitalize it again. v9 will be a true litmus test.

In the meanwhile… how would you like to see this forum revitalized?



Yep, EI is very good. With someone new to care about it, it may be even better. I would definitely like to see this forum come back to life. I think it was short sighted for it to be shelved in the first place.



Strange that eitechnologygroup.com wasn’t forwarded to the new owners and that they let it expire. I mean a domain is only like $8. per year. Not a very friendly gesture.


Well since Parscale Media was ultimately handling EITG’s account, I’m sure Brad probably has all the data sitting on his own server somewhere. The question is whether or not he’d transfer it to EIAS3D. Either the new company didn’t ask for it, or maybe you’re right and Brad chose not to give it them. I have no idea.


Just out of curiosity: Comparing EIAS to Modo on a feature and price basis (895$ vs 995$), do you think it´s price level is realistic?
(I don´t, just to make that clear.)



You should definitely get Modo. I don’t think the pricing is too bad between EI and Modo. I don’t think Modo will render as fast as EI. Modo does very nice renders. What does Modo charge for an upgrade after you own it? Anyway, I have Modo and EIAS and a few other 3D apps. It’s good to have a few different tools. I almost always use EIAS. It’s renders are very fast, and free network rendering on as many computers as you want. I’m making a lot of income with EI. I’m very anxious to see what it’s like when the next version comes out. I have a feeling that it’s going to have a lot of new capability, since the new owners have a long history with EI.



I am trying to see this from a “potential new customer” POV and comparing EIAS and Modo since they probably are the applications that lies closest in price range. I find the price level of EIAS very unrealistic, especially when comparing features. It seems more like they are trying to survive on the old customers than attracting new ones. And I agree, the next version should have a lot of new capabilities if they are to maintain that price level, because a fast renderer is probably the only thing EIAS have on Modo featurewise…and a 64bit Camera and some rendering enhancements isn´t going to cut it for me…


In EIAS’ current state…no I don’t think the price comparison is fair either. The application is out of date, lacks modeling and decent character animation technology and its interface is vintage 90’s. Unless you’re looking for really good renderer, but you don’t require heavy integration into an existing pipeline, EI is only ok for some.

At this point, my relationship with EI is pretty much non-existent. The Igors have let me (and the rest of the community) know that my opinion on EI’s development is pretty much a moot point. So I’m gonna call it like I see it. So here goes.

As I mentioned, v9 will be the litmus test for the new company. They’ll need to prove that they can enhance the product, offer a proper means of distribution, take care of the dongle situation, marketing/pr, handle money flow and customer support. That’s a lot to throw onto any new company. The thing is, they can’t really lower the price at this point because I’m sure they’re having to absorb a lot costs associated with taking this venture on. Not to mention that they had to pay EITG something for the technology in the first place. If v9 is a flop, where will they find the financial resources to continue? Sure they can continue on sweat equity, which might actually get them to v10, but you can’t sustain that forever.

On the positive side, the Igors have a lot of pent up frustration and a lot of talent to do something about it. I no longer know what the road map looks like, so I have no idea where they’re going to take the application. I get to be as surprised (or disappointed) as you guys are. I just hope that they don’t keep marching down that same old tired premise of enhancing camera.

v9 will likely have lots of strong goodies. They’ll need to prove that in order to impress the remaining faithful and score new customers. They’ve hinted at some of those goodies like a 64bit camera and multithreading. So that’s good to hear. But that won’t be enough. Animator is their key to survival.

The other good thing they have in their back pocket is a number of already written technologies that they could infuse into Animator while they work to improve its infrastructure. A v9 loaded with every Igors plugins would be a good gesture. But my guess is they’ll avoid doing that as much as possible.

Hopefully they’ll find a way to pull an ace out of their sleeve.


I’m with holding my pennies until I find something that excites me. That means the release of Lightwave Core, which shows great potential. They made the extremely difficult decision to rewrite the application from the ground up (which EI should have done years ago!). That may have led to some problems, as it has taken longer than expected, and the final product won’t be a complete replacement for Lightwave until a few more versions have passed. Still, I admire what they’re doing, and I admire the fact that they’ve actually announced that it was necessary, and they’ve kept their customers in the loop regarding that.

EIAS may, I stress- may, be able to interest me again. That depends on the ‘road map’ that Tomas and the Igors decide to pursue. It’s sad, but now that the gag order from EITG has been lifted, I had hoped to hear more positive spin about EI, but the new company has apparently got lots and lots to do, so no announcements of their plans, and no teases about upcoming improvements or features.

I still have EI vs. 7, and oddly enough, Carrara Pro, which I picked up for the price of a magazine, about $20. It’s slow at rendering, but it can generate landscapes, plants, hair, and the shader system is surprisingly sophisticated. Price was right, as I refuse to continue throwing money down the rabbit hole if the software isn’t delivering.


Is it still possible to contact the old company?
I have an email in to Phillip who was always prompt at getting back, but nothing this time.
I took them up on their V8 offer, had a major systems crash and now my activation code doesn’t work and I can’t start the program.
Is this the old company’s responsibility or the new?
I really need to get the software up and running because I have a deadline in a short time.
Any suggestions, phone numbers, etc.
I’ve already been in contact with Tomas and that seems to be ongoing.
All I need is a new activation code. Quickly!