EIAS3d starts testing MP Camera





That will be interesting. For stills its use would be a no-brainer. For animation, it could be intriguing having to decide how to balance multiple MP cameras vs. number of cores.

(It was a nice surprise to receive the new EIAS newsletter :))


Excellent news! How will this affect rama?


It’s sooo-oo nice to hear of some forward momentum.



Bravo for the team at EIAS3d,
That means they have to rewrite all their plug ins to make it compatible(MP aware).
Good job guys.


I did receive it as well, honestly Tomas and Igors are doing a great job, keep it up guys.


It means you will have to use Rama a lot less (8x less ;).

Plug-ins don’t need to be MP to work, generally, plug-ins do geometry generation tasks which are not obvious candidates for MP. Simulation plug-ins can benefit from MP though (rodeo was MP).



My guess is using some slaves per multiprocessor PC or Mac still will be advantageous (you can’t parallelize absolutely everything inside a Camera, so


I should rephrase – how will it affect network rendering? I have 4 macs and one pc that I use for network rendering. All of them have more than 1 processor.


Each machine will only need one slave (and each slave will use all processors on the machine, not just 1). So set up will be faster and easier to manage.

Of course, as juanxer says, you can still use the old set-up if you wish, or any intermediate set up (because you can set the exact number of cores to be used).



Great to hear such good news!


The hardest issue to solve will be
designing a pretty UI for the new “multislaves” and Renderama :smiley:

Would these new developments facilitate eventtually providing near-realtime coarse previews the likes of Modo’s? I think someone pointed out in the past as one obstacle that Camera’s style of rendering made a tiling approach difficult. Given how multicore and hyperthreading current processors are becoming, perhaps some sort of pseudo-tiling could be done on highend machines: next Mac Pros are expected to handle 2 CPUs x 6 cores x 2 threads per core, which would amount to 24 “tiles” (Camera threads doing their thing).

This is quite exciting.


great news, i will follow again eias development from now on :wink:




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