EIAS can make a grown man cry sometimes


First, I am a PC user. Yep, one of the wretched few. I also use EIAS 8. I find it incomprehensible that I can’t bring an .OBJ file with UVs into EIAS 8 without OBJ2FACT or Form Z.

Is this crazy or just me? I can’t fathom this. I create a UV’d object in Silo, export a Fact file (also an .OBJ file) and can’t use the UVs in Electric Image. Am I doing something wrong? Is this the mark of a professional-level program (O.K. sorry, the hours of frustration creeping in)?

Anyone have any suggestions on bringing an OBJ file with the MTL textures into EIAS 8? Something simple? Something that doesn’t require purchasing another couple of hundred dollars of software?

My last ditch effort? Install Silo 2.1 (Currently using 2.0) where they’ve - hopefully - fixed UV import.


I have no problem bringing in an OBJ with UVs from Silo. This was fixed in the Silo 2.1 Beta (Released 6-18-2008), so installing 2.1 should help you…



That’s what it takes? Can Silo add UVs to something that was created in Form Z? Or does the model have to be created in Silo? Cause if it can add the UVs to my existing models I’m all ready to buy it.



Yeah, you can add UV’s to any object. Silo’s excellent! I finally got what I needed to work - working!!!


You own Maya dude. FBX into EI.
Use a older FBX import if EI has a old version.
FBX and UVs is what got me using Maya.


It was actually a case of forgetting that I had that option (FBX) open to me. Thanks for reminding me, Alonzo. Sometimes you get fixated on what you can’t do and need to be reminded about what you CAN do.



I don’t have Maya so what can I do? I got z Brush to add UVs to a model, but upon exporting an .obj, it doesn’t open with any materials in EI.



Absolutely Reg, I just remembered I’m a character Artist by watching Star Wars.


Materials? What materials? From ZB? Does EI auto-Import materials/textures from any app?

Use EI Transporter if not O2F. All you need is your UVs. Then add your materials manually.


Alonzo, I tried EI Transported to preserve my UVs and it didn’t work. My alternate solution, updating Silo to 2.1 and saving as OBJ, did work (although, as you said I probably could have saved it as FBX from Maya). It’s difficult being a PC guy in an EIAS world :slight_smile:



I’m glad you have a solution. That’s what you have to do, fix the problem and move on. There are some realities that must be acknowledge inorder find a productive solution.

  1. EI Obj import options hasn’t changed in several upgrade cycles.
  2. The default workaround for several years has been O2F, FBX or another app.
  3. Most likely any solution or other program will cost more money.
  4. If you use EIAS and Obj files you need to “chose” a workable solution.
  5. Once you find the solution you can get your job done.

Anyone who has used UVs, Obj, and EIAS has encountered and surpassed these points. I’m one such users. I offer my solution to the group. It’s not personal, maybe not even the most effective but it works for me. I get my work done and move to the next project. I don’t have time to wait for things to change on their own. I just need to get my work done. I buy every complimentary package I need to get my clients work done because it’s most productive solution in meeting my deadlines. My priority is the project. EI, OBj, FBX, or O2F has been working for me for several years now.

I’m just trying to help.


Thanks for your help, Alonzo. It really is appreciated. Sometimes I forget that software (like people) isn’t perfect. Workarounds presented by people like you, Ian and Richard Joly are crucial to solving some problems that come up during daily use of software. Thank you very much for your professionalism.


Yes Software is never perfect and people most certainly are not but you are a really good dude Reg. You are welcome.

I’m glad you mentioned professionalism Reg, it’s one of the best ways to solve problems and get answers in this forum. Beyond, I have gotten more projects by posting artwork and have a since of candor in my associations.

I’m saying that to say this. People are watching, people in our industry who can influence our careers. Two things that I strive for when dealing with clients is accountability and comfort level especially when handling accounts or just posting responses in forums. Posting in forums is an opportunity to display soft skills, nettique and well rounded business acumen.


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