Effector that uses offset along a path?


Im going to kick myself when I get the solution i know it…

Im tring to get a path on a map to draw on.
the drawing on bit is quite easy.
but i also want it to drop in from above just as it draws in, ( like laying down a coil of rope)

What i really want is an affector that follows a splines offset.

I cant figure out which effector/field combo to use to do this

Any advice, it seems like it should be really simple!


something like this?


yes almost exactly

youve got it set up as a cloner - i was working with a mospline, but still yes.

whats the recipe there?


sweep as volume object and volume as field for cloner,rope_effect.zip (55.0 KB)


Really nice, never considered a volume effector
thanks so much - its set me up in a great place,

I see the blend/delay effector is doing all the fall off work. Its working well on the clones but is a bit jaggedy on the mospline atm regardless of points / detail

just looking at a solution that has a bit more control on the falloff.