Edushi 3D chinese cities with amazing details


It exists since along time, but I could not find it it discussed here.

That chinese website contains insanely detailed 3d maps of many chinese cities. We can’t rotate around it but the renders are really detailed and clean.

I wonder how they work to reach such a level of detail?

and the main website:


Meh, there’s no way to unleash Godzilla or other natural disasters let alone change the budget or build more coal and nuclear power plants in the middle of the high end housing and shopping districts…

You might want to check out Ovi maps too by the way, those are actually 3d and surprisingly highly detailed on some of the cities.


Wow! I never saw those Nokia (ovi) maps before! Amazing!
we can even see the actual vegetation in 3D
New York nokia map


You’re right Per. I can’t see that they’ve built in a good Godzilla rebuild strategy. It’s a great map to stomp him through, though.


Hey… a little more respect please:)

i was once responsible for creating a map with 5x5 k px map, filled with hundreds of these little tiny objects… it was no fun at all…

About unleash Godzilla,

cheers, djart73


haha! Rampage was one of my favorite back in the days when we could discover something new and exciting while going to the arcade!


The building I work in in Beijing was shown as 7-8 stories high on the Edushi map but it’s actually only 4 stories tall. Not that this is a big thing but probably suggests some sort of algorithmic thing.


These are really impressive!

Is there ANY way, to capture what’s displayed to use it in a 3D app? I’ve tried 3D Ripper DX, but that doesn’t seem to recognize the plugin (which probably isn’t using Direct3D).

Also is there a way to tune the plugin’s settings? Like when the different LODs are used and so on…


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