EDIT! Uploading Images to the CGP Gallery WILL NOT START a CGTalk Gallery Thread


[b]Problem Fixed…

[/b][color=White][size=2]Thanks to Anton, the option to submit your CGPortfolio image to the CGTalk Gallery is now [size=3][color=LemonChiffon]UNCHECKED by DEFAULT, meaning that you will not be submitting work to the CGTalk Gallery unless you want to. [/color][/size][/color][/size]

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Yay, I will now be able to sleep at night! :smiley:


I can stop Haiku’ing! :smiley:


I just noticed another addition. What’s the ‘Add this image to the ‘Featured Artwork’ list’ option do? It’s under my images in the gallery.


Thanks for changing the thread title Anton. :slight_smile:


It’ll be gone soon :wink:

It’s a moderation feature - currently moderation involves me digging into the database and tapping in code :slight_smile:


So for that short period of time I have the power to add images to the featured artwork list? Cool! :stuck_out_tongue:


No, you merely have the ability to click madly on a button that does nothing :wink:


Oh well… good enough for me. :wip:


That must have been what happened (I’m talkign about the invalid link) and yes, it’s the same thing that happened to lemoggy.

Yay for premature cries for help!



Artwork submitted to CGPortfolio is automatically added to the CGTalk gallery for validation, any art you have already submitted to CGTalk gallery will automatically be added to your CGPortfolio.

Its on the ‘Manage Portfolio’ page.


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