Eclipse debuger for Python scripts in Softimage


Hi, how can I use Eclipse PyDev Debuger for Python scripts? Is there any working solution? And another question is: how to enable code completition in Eclipse for XSI SDK modules?


Code completion in eclipse for python is best left to pyDev, which if you’re developing in Python, I assume you have.
pyDev relies on the parses for modules to know what to complete, which means the blackboxed, compiled nature of OOTB APIs doesn’t lend itself well to it. That said, you can write a simple recursive miner that will create a dummy mirror of the API through all its objects and their methods and properties, and at that point pyDev will deal with it (it’s what we do here in Animal Logic, where eclipse is the standard IDE for TDs).

The debugger might be more of a pain in the arse, since Soft, unlike Maya, starts a new interpreter session for every execution, and therefore doesn’t persist between partal executions (whereas in maya until you resource you can keep punching away like you would in a python shell).
That makes it considerably more painful, and in my experience not that easy OOTB.

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