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Dynamic Weather_System is powerful tool for simulation of weather, distributed with collection of realistic, configurable, and scalable atmospheric effects, created to bring life into static environment, to make unique gameplay experience.
Weather profile is the main instrument of Dynamic Weather_System, which (beyond standard rain and thunder) unifies set of detailed weather effects that interact with each other on multiple levels and generate unpredictable and unique combination of atmosphere and environment.
By preserving high fidelity and performance, Dynamic Weather_System utilizes at maximum powerful engine tools (surround sound system, rendering, physics) to achieve realistic look, sound and feel of atmospheric and weather effects.

Dynamic Weather_System is distributed with set of weather scenarios, sounds, textures and models which is ready to use right after installation. Support of FlowGraph visual programming environment allows to easily configure and integrate Dynamic Weather_System into any type of project. Besides mentioned FlowGraph, Dynamic Weather_System supports CLI, Lua, Xml and C++ programming languages which is in combination with documentation, unleashes unlimited opportunities of usage and control of Dynamic Weather_System regardless of programming skills.

Because of flexible licensing and demo version availability everyone can start utilizing Dynamic Weather_System.


[li] Random weather and atmospheric effects generation.[/li][li] Configurable smooth transitions of weather profiles, TimeOfDay definitions, sound and effects.[/li][li] Portable weather profiles.[/li][li] Simplicity of integration and support of PluginSDK.[/li][li] Support of save game and net serialization.[/li][li] Dozens of assets: models, textures, materials, sounds and ready to use weather profiles.[/li][li] Documentation, tutorials and usage examples.[/li][li] Support of following programming languages:[/li][list]
[li] Lua;[/li][li] XML;[/li][li] FlowGraph;[/li][li] CLI;[/li][li] C++;[/li][/ul]
[li] Clouds simulation and generation system: [/li]

[li] Dynamic variability;[/li][li] Scalability;[/li][li] Support of 3 clouds types:[/li][list]
[li] Volume;[/li][li] Distance;[/li][li] Skydome;[/li][/ul]
[li] Clouds shadows;[/li][li] Realistic movement and behaviour (based on speed and direction of wind);[/li][/list]
[li] Extended Rain: [/li]

[li] Dynamic variability;[/li][li] Wind interaction;[/li][li] Surround sound;[/li][/ul]
[li] Extended Wind: [/li]

[li] Dynamic variability;[/li][li] Surround sound;[/li][li] Clouds interaction;[/li][/ul]
[li] Rainbow: [/li]

[li] Primary Rainbow;[/li][li] Secondary Rainbow;[/li][li] Fogbow;[/li][li] Reflected Rainbow;[/li][li] Rainbow Wheel;[/li][/ul]
[li] Extended Lightning and Thunder: [/li]

[li] Dynamic variability;[/li][li] Scalability;[/li][li] Shadows;[/li][li] Surround sound;[/li][li] Performance;[/li][li] Advanced settings;[/li][/ul]
[li] Aurora: [/li]

[li] Dynamic variability;[/li][li] Dozens of settings available for tuning;[/li][/ul]
[li] Extended Snow: [/li]

[li] Dynamic variability;[/li][li] Scalability;[/li][li] Surround sound;[/li][li] Performance;[/li][/ul]
[li] Dynamic SunFlare: [/li]

[li] Dynamic variability;[/li][/ul]
[/list]Available 4 license types:

      Limited for personal usage only and available for download on [http://1drv.ms/Za0ozU](http://1drv.ms/Za0ozU) for free.
      You are perpetually granted right to use DWS for purposes of developing unlimited number of games (contained partially of full DWS) and right to sell\distribute\sublicence those games (even after termination of licence).
      You are perpetually granted right to use DWS for purposes of developing one game (contained partially of full DWS) and right to sell\distribute\sublicence this game (even after termination of licence). You are granted right to modify\use DWS source code for compilation and usage in combination with DWS.
      You are perpetually granted right to use DWS for purposes of developing unlimited number of games (contained partially of full DWS) and right to sell\distribute\sublicence those games (even after termination of licence). You are granted right to modify\use DWS source code for compilation and usage in combination with DWS.


New Version 1.7

  • Documentation: Added new chapter: “Randomization factor”.
  • Documentation: Added new chapter: “Rainbow settings explained”.
  • New feature: Filter.
  • New feature: Volume clouds.
  • New feature: Dynamic sun flares.
  • New feature: Addition control of time of day settings.
  • Fixed: minor bugs.


Today guys i would like to demonstrate you one of my spectacular experiments with dynamic Weather_system.
No more words just watch video and tell what you think about it.

For few of you who curios about how its done take a look into mini Tutorial #5 at this thread

Also I’ve started InideGoGo campaign:

If you care about future of the project support it.


Now in social networks:


Small pre 1.8 update:

  • Added new docs


Mini Tutorial #1: “Usage of Weather_sys:Filter flow node”

  1. Put on your level couple of weather_profiles by using drag and drop.

  2. Switch Auto_setup on each of them and tweak any other setting of your choice.

  3. Create flow graph on any of them and open it.

  4. Drop Entity:Info, Weather_sys:Filter and Game:Start.

  1. Connect them as showed on picture above.

  2. Assign one of the Weather_profiles to Entity:Info.

  3. Now you can jump into game and see that profile you added to Filter is ignored by weather_system, even with Auto_setup enabled.

This node could be useful in situations when you don’t want to, for example, sunny day profile get automatically applied in dark locations.
Or if you wish to make rainy and cold weather in your mountains only.


Mini Tutorial #2: “Random weather with FlowGraph”

  1. Load map into editor and navigate to entities rollup bar.

  2. Drag and drop 3 weather_profile entities into your level.

  1. Configure them as you wish but make sure that “Auto_setup” is switched off on each of them.

  2. Create flow-graph on one of those profiles.

  3. Drop Logic:RandomTrigger, Time:Timer nodes and 3 nodes of weather profiles that you just created.

  1. Now connect and configure them as showed on picture above.

  2. After entering game mode FlowGraph each 10 seconds will randomly choose one of 3 weather profiles and setup it.

What you’d just created is simple weather setup for your level that will apply random Weather_profile each 10 seconds of gameplay (Ofcourse you can configure it to do this in one hour for example).


Mini Tutorial #3: “Setting up lighting in your level with Weather_system”

  1. Load your map into editor and navigate to entities rollup bar.

  2. Drag and drop weather_profile entity into your level and give it appropriate name for example “wp_lightning”.

  1. Locate Auto_setup subgroup in entity properties of your newly created weather_profile.

  1. Configure it as showed on picture above.

  2. Now you can test it by pressing Ctrl+G.

You may ask why should i use weather_system’s lightning instead standard?
Because Weatehr_system’s lightning aspect is:

  • Fast (crafted with c++);
  • Better looking (flares, lighting shadows);
  • Easy to setup and its works out of box (sounds and textures are free to use);
  • Scalable (No need to setup lightning by hand, its works on all your level area with no limitations);
  • Supports flow-graph, console and xml scripting;
  • Dynamic and have much wider range of randomizable generation options;

Support development on IndieGoGo 5 days left



So fellow cryengineers 24 hours left before campaign end, 250$ to go.

Its up to YOU to decide what you need:

1) open source, free, powerful and easy to use system, free Unity analog of https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/2714

2) or maybe i should wait until asset store open for EaaS and release it there?

Personally i prefer first option.


Dynamic Weather_System 2100 available!


  • New: Effects: Snow.

  • Documentation: New chapter: Dsfx settings explained.

  • Documentation: New chapter: Aurora settings explained.

  • Documentation: New chapter: Advanced weather control.

  • Installer: improved compatibility check.

Just type into console
and have fun!


Tutorial #16: “Creating xml DWS profile from scratch”

Starting with version 1.8 of DWS it is possible to create DWS profile independently from entity and level system. This improvement speeds up weather configuration for the whole project and allows designers share their DWS profiles with each other for different levels.

  1. Locate “root_engine_dir\game_folder\libs\dws” directory, and if “dws” directory not exist, create it.
  2. Create text document in “root_engine_dir\game_folder\libs\dws” directory and rename it to “tutorial.xml” in UTF-8 encoding.
  3. Open “tutorial.xml” in Your favorite editor.

  1. Add DWS root tags as showed on figure 1. Without them system will ignore this file.

  1. Add profile root tags as showed on figure 2 and pay attention to “id” property, this value will be used for DWS profile identification.

  1. Add next child tags subgroup (fig. 3) that describes transition speed of this profile.

  1. And last group of tags (fig. 4) will describe rainbow effect.
  2. Save file.

Congrats, now You have ready to use DWS profile that will create variadic (randomly or in script after rain) shiny rainbow for Your level.

Currently Your newly created xml profile does not have any other effect configured. In DWS semantics there is two types of fx: representative and none representative. Representative effects already have configuration for current level, if such fx is not configured for profile, DWS will utilize default level settings. Rainbow is none representative fx which means if no configuration available then no fx applied.


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