Dynamic Tutorials


Much appreciated Sir.


any one have a cache copy or copy of the exploding house tutorial thats offline?


never mind found it.


i am a new mwmber of cg society
thank 4 the tutorials man,they r really helpful 4 begainers like me




Thank you Mike for that awesome tutorial! Not only is it great for setting up particle rigs but the way you’ve patiently explained a lot of stuff makes it an important maya particles 101 too!
Hope you find more time or the inclination to do a few more like these!


thanks guys


thanks Mike! perhaps add a link with an example animation? :wink:


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Thread has been unarchived and stickied. Please feel free to add any relevant tutorials as you find them.


Just a suggestion but maybe a mod could clean up the first posts as many links in this thread are dead! Understandably when you see they are 4 years old :slight_smile:


Would be good to get the tut link pushed to the top of the thread also and keep chat to a minimum as to not convolute the thread like my post :slight_smile:



This link is not working ,plz if u alredy save on ur HDD then show me screen capture.thnx


Theres a link for the exploding house on page 2 in one of the posts. Unfortunately some of the images in the tutorial dont work but all the instructions are there.


It’s dead.

This thread really is a dirty, out of date mess and it’s a shock that it’s a sticky. Especially considering how slick this place is :smiley:


Ok i got it ,here is working link
Explo House


hey,i was wondering,if anyone can tell me how to do text or any object explosion in maya,just like parray in 3ds max?



that exploding house is probably, what? 8 years old? Kiiiiiinda out of date now. but hey if someone learns something new, cool. I think its stuck around b/c it has a lot of complicated looking mel that doesn’t do that much but looks like it must be good…


If somebody try to make tutorial for this
House Explo1
House Explo2
then it will be like roller coaster rideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…


:deal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj_FTXeNZM8 :beer: