Dynamic spline problem


Hi everyone!
I am kindly asking the community for help.
I am trying to animate this 3d model that I create. It is a piece of production equipment.
It looks like a little case with a bulb attached to it with a wire that is 20cm long.

The animation goes like this:
Model animates into the frame,
the model turns around itself (360 degrees) and then moves out of the frame.

The 3D model consists of 2 parts - the body part and the light bulb part.

The body of the 3D model and the light bulb are animated in the same way,
but with a delay.
I simply moved keyframes of the light bulb later in time so that the light bulb enters into the frame
half a second after the body enters.

The problem is that I need to connect the body and the light bulb with a spline sweep so that it looks
like these two parts (the body and the light bulb) are connected with a wire. I tried to use a dynamic spline and connect one side of a spline
to the body part and the other side of the spline to the light bulb,
but when I trigger the animation the spline starts to swing and to jiggle pretty extremely and I do not know how to control it and how to make it firmer, and not that loose.

So it supposes to swing a little bit as the real wire would also regard the movement how the animation goes.
Mind that I am a C4D beginner, so I have very limited knowledge regarding 3d animation for now.

Is there any different solution besides dynamic spline connecting two objects?
I would love to hear about it.
project: cgsociety_ 01.c4d (5.8 MB)

Appreciate any help.