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Hey everyone!

This is my first time participating in DominanceWar, so here is a concept i made of an idea i had. Since I wanted to do something mechanical, i started building a storyline, where a group of humanoids were once saved by a Machine during the war. The Machine Struggled a battle against many other fierce machines and stood victorious, but its weathered chips heavily damaged, the droid itself did no survive after its victory.

The Humanoids thought the dreaded machine that saved them was defected, but it wasnt, once a human itself, develloped a moral code and hacked into its own system to bypass its purpose, to create its own. Upon doing so, it was able to study many things, as well as how its restricted power supply was meant for its only once purpose: a self destruct mechanism after infiltration of a norm base.

Within its studies, it designed a self schematic which would allow it to draw energies from certain living sources in order to continue to “live”. After its destruction, the norms found its encrypted data and schematic and felt compelled to recreate the Machine’s design.

To them, The machine being a blessing from beyond, they undertook the task of rebuilding it, reprogramming it, and then ultimately sacrificing themselves in order to give the droid its power: Human Body heat converted into Pure robotic energy.


So yeah… Thats the idea behind my design. Here’s the design itself.

I started with a bunch of random stuff i had first doodled in a notepad.

And then i photoshoped whatever ideas i had, put together

Hope you guys like it, I plan On starting 3D work in progress either tonite or tomorrow. Comments /questions highly appreciated! :slight_smile:



Wow, you work fast! BTW, isn’t malaka greek for… nevermind…



Thats a really cool design. The only thing about it: my monitor is too small to view it all at once! ARGH!
The machine looks very brutal and like having really much power. The weapon he helds in his right hand looks a bit “harmless”…maybe because it looks very flat from this view…
But I am pretty sure, you know what will be the best!

so long


He looks badass, keep it up!


Thanks alot guys :slight_smile: appreciate it


Thats one Mean Machine you got there mate O.O I’m nearly drooling here, looks lovely massive (which is a thing I’m very fond of) thumbs up keep up the goodness!


haha! I’m gonna agree with you: when it comes to an imposing character, I love making something massive. It doesnt need to be stories high, as long as its out of the ordinary and huge, I’m quite content. I guess I like to give that " oh damn, if I saw that thing in real life, I’d poop my pants twice and run". Exageration in size ftw :slight_smile:

And thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:


Thanks man. As for the gun itself i dont really plan on keeping it as is, especially after workin on my modeling sheet; I just wanted a beauty shot of what i thought might look cool, and since im gonna do it in 3D, the overall beginning concept doesnt matter to me that much, as you said, I have a mental image of what would look best. :slight_smile:


Hey Mihail nice to see you in the DW IV. Great concept man, can’t wait to see more.
Good luck,




James! Hey buddy I hadn’t seen you since you graduated from NAD centre! Good to see you’re taking part of DWIV. Good luck man, and I hope all is going well for you. Thanks for the imput. :slight_smile:


wow! Nice storyline, interesting and amazing concept sketch… Huge and really threatening.
killer design… can’t wait to see more


Thanks. I’ve zbrushed a quick model to gain the overall silhouette i was looking for and currently workin on a model sheet to perfectly sketch out every object. I’ll post it soon.


here is an early base mesh WIP i whipped up. Still an early design and im hella expecting modifications before i start High rezing.

I just wanna Position each piece to gain the silhouette im looking for. Still zbrushing as well random parts to get detail ideas :slight_smile:


Hey, good work so far. You are much further along than I am, but as a fellow machine I got your back.

So far it is a really good design, large and mean looking, and its well armored.

The only criticism I have is in your base mesh, I would steer away from such a human looking head, it looks kind of like a human head popping out of a suit, sort of uncomfortably. You know what I mean?

Your drawings make the head more machine-like, and built in to the rest of the machine, which works better for your design. I don’t know, just something to think about. Good work!


looking sweet… il be watching this closely :slight_smile:


Still far from done, just postin another early wip, Im probably gonna finish the high rez very soon, so ill just post some low rez for now :P. I Havent made the gun, though im continuing concept as well, to make sure everything fits / makes sense.

Here’s just a random viewport WIP. I decided to add arms coming out from the back. Who needs jet packs / wings when you can use a second pair of arms to fly, and extra combat weaponry?!

I was having some fun with a chrome material, and then put it photoshop to have some fun.

Obviously nothing final ^^ hope you guys like it.


Nice update man! Great mechanic modelling. Great job!

Cheers, :beer:



Thanks dude, workin on high rezzing him, coming along real good. I’ll post more updates soon :slight_smile:


Just workin on the High rez, alot of stuff to fix up/change, but going well so far.

I’ll probably be done with the hands by tonite. Next step would involve remodeling the head, then a bunch of wires to add allover the place :P. I’ll be keeping the gun for last.


mad design.

Keep the weapons looking big and keep going man