DWIII - 3d- zberry - Ganymedian mystic


Hey everyone, this is my first time participating in dominance war, its a bit intimidating with all of the awesome entries going around. Here are some WIP shots of my model. I’m doing all of my concepting directly in 3D, so any and all of what you see now is subject to change. I am currently in the process of redesigning the armor to fit with how the armor on the head evolved during the sculpt. The gun in his arm is a model i did a awhile back, based on gundam blueprints. This WILL be replaced, with an original design that conforms to the rules of the contest. It’s there to show what I have in mind, a cannon like attatchment (running, of course, on magical energy), fused to the flesh of the arm. Good luck and thanks for looking!


some quick thumbs, trying to work out the basic armor shapes


Here is an update of my work on some of the armor peices. Everything is still subject to change and tweaking, every subtool is in the process of gettting another modeling pass. I’m not too sure how I am going to do the diffuse texture. I know how to normal map all of the seperate peices onto a single mesh, hopefully, but how about the color texture? If I polypaint my high rez subtools, what is the best way to transfer this onto the unified mesh? If I try to subdivide the unified mesh as high as possible, and zproject the rgb information from all the seperate subtools, the poly resolution will be vastly different, and I would lose alot of polypaint information. The other method I have thought of trying is to unwrap and create textures for the high rez bits, lay out the low rez mesh’s uvs as closely as possible to that of the high-rez, and fix the distortions in photoshop. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, the less time i spend troubleshooting problems that already have solutions, the more time i can spend refining the sculpt.


Thats a really nice blend of forms. Looks great so far. I’m glad you asked that question because I want to know the answer to it as well.


Thanks Nihilicon! I’ll be sure to post my process as I start to figure it out. For now heres some updates on armor pieces.


I just commented on this over at tweak, but wanted to share some info with ya about your color/diffuse map dilemma. What I’m doing (and this is my first time using this workflow so dont hold me to this), is I’m creating the hi-rez. Once I’m done with that, I’m bringing my mid-rez obj’s over into Max to use as a “template” to make my low-rez in game model. Once I’m done with that, I’ll be generating my normal maps and AO maps piece by piece then compositing them inside of PS. Once I have my normal maps and AO maps baked, I’m going to use those as a “template” to paint my diffuse and spec maps. It’s the only solution/workflow that I can honestly think of that will work for me. I noticed some people have already started poly-painting on their hi-rez sculpt, but I dunno how they’re going to be able to bake the maps that way considering they havent layed out the UV’s just yet. Hopefully one of them will see this thread and comment on their workflow.

Anyway, hope some of that may help you man…good luck! :slight_smile:


Awesome design! Good luck!


Not done with the design, but I went ahead and unwrapped everything and baked the normals using transfer maps in Maya, just to make sure I’ve got the pipeline down.

I’m playing around with a redesign, let me know if you like it better, I don’t want to spend too much time going in this direction if its a misstep.

I figured out the best solution for getting polypainting from zbrush onto my low-rez mesh with different topology. The answer was right in front of me, you can use transfer maps to bake a diffuse, just like you do the normal. I have only done simple tests with this, and I did see some problems with the raytracing missing and leaving black areas on the texture, but nothing that couldn’t be patched up in Photoshop. If anyone who does this professionally is reading this, can you please let me know if this a good workflow? Or am I missing an obvious, simple solution?

Oh and I took a break from the doom and gloom of the war to do a speed sculpt of Ren and Stimpy, less than an hour for both.


They all look outstanding (including Ren & Stimpy), its hard to say which one is a ‘better’ direction as they both seem to work although I think I marginally prefer the new quadruped model as it has a more interesting silhouette. I’ve been following this thread for a while and I really like the whole concept. Thank you for the workflow insight as its my first time through this process, all these pearls of wisdom help a lot. Good luck my friend I think you have a really good chance of being in the final 50.

I’d like to know what settings you used for baking the normals in Maya as I’ve struggled to get a good result using transfer maps, the output has seemed a bit broken and distorted so far on my test pieces.


Thanks for the kind words Nihilicon! I also have some trouble with artificacts when using transfer maps. Usually I try to get the envelope just big enough to encompass the high-rez mesh, and bake using “inside envelope only”. If this gives me a map with black spots, or crusty artifacts, I try to play around with the size of the envelope, rinse and repeat. Sometimes, if the envelope interpenetrates before it is large enough to encompass the high-rez, I will try to bake using “closest to envelope”. Not sure exactly what is best everytime, I’ve had it work both ways, and I’ve had it fail both ways. Good luck, I’ll be posting on your thread in a few minutes.


Looks great and I like the look of the one that was redesigned, good trsnsition between high res to low res.


I really don’t know…both designs are amazing. Maybe I’dgo for the first one, but both are really awesome!


Just a few days left, any thoughts on how to make this better?


Started sculpting a spear, I only have 300 tris for this so I’m kinda limited in my design choices.


Working on the pose and textures now, is there anything you see that could be done to improve this at the last minute?..I was thinking of starting the base, but if anything needs to be addressed first, please let me know.


All Done! Thanks to everyone who took the time to view my post or leave a comment, I had a great time with this contest and learned alot.


Congratulations! You did really a good character!


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