DWIII - 3D - Redglass - Bear and Shark


I’m going to be sketching something up soon. The best thing I got kicking around in my noggin is something inspired by the Black Guard of Moulay Ismail… either that or a bear with a pump action shark…

As for the requirements, what I’ve got going so far are:

Race: Human
Class: He/she could be interpreted as anything but a clericon.
Artifact: I’m thinking scimitar now but it’s too expected, I bet I could get something better soon
Artifact Magical Energy: Probably Earth/Rock, reinterpreted as sand.

A few questions though

  1. Would giving him/her an old non-special/non-magical musket or rifle be kosher? I know there’s a superweapon that broke electronics but I can’t imagine anything that would interfere with combustion on a global scale.

  2. What are the insignia/colors of the CGTalk Dominance War faction?


I’m planning on using a musket in mine, it says right in the brief that simple pistols are good, just no lasers with advanced circuitry. If you can have a pistol, there’s nothing technologically stopping you from having a long gun, so loophole engage!


Thanks for the advice veritech-z! The loophole will not be necessary however, I am am now definately going with my alternative plan of a Bear with A Pump Action Shark, more updates as we go.


spectacular! pump action shark is the business…


Woot! Can’t wait to see that pump action.


That’s sounds so nutty I am nearly bursting with anticipation… o.O


Alright, here are some early concepts freshly scanned from my sketch book:

I’ve been futzing around with a few ideas in this picture. I have the basic concept down but I’m trying to settle on a motif for the bear. It’s really eclectic right now. I imagine the speedo to be red with white trim but I think those’ll evolve into board shorts and the skateboarding style kneepads will merge into the main design. Ignore the steampunky shin guard… that was a poor decision. As for the championship wrestling belt: it just fit with the speedo.

The big thing strapped to his back is a giant salt water tank to hold the shark. I imagine the bear wielding the shark like some kind of long arm (not a pistol) so the shark’d have to be pretty big proportianally. The tank has a hose on it so the bear can spray down the shark during long firefights to let him breathe a bit. I also imagine some cool attacks where the bear leaves the shark in the tank and just throws enemies into the tank and lets the shark eat them, allowing the bear to multi-task in close combat situations.

Here’s the shark:

I love his grumpy face, so the basic breed of shark is staying the same. The bit in his mouth in the second design is like a bit for a horse, this would couple with a strap tied around the shark’s tail, giving him a holding strap like on a rifle.

The premise of combat is as such. The bear operates the pump action, which can mess with the sharks digestive system. He then can pull back on Shark’s dorsal fin to make Shark vomit up anything he’s eaten (tables, people, liscence plates, computers) as a projectile attack. Also the shark makes a mean close combat weapon with all the biting and such.

The duo would be a tenuous alliance, I imagine Shark saying to Bear “When I run out of enemies to eat, I’m going to turn on you next”

Comments, suggestions and crits are always super welcome!


Here’s a new scan of the shark, I’ve decided to name him Konsumer. I think I’m reaching his final design but there are a few issues I’m coming across that I’ll discuss below the image.

There are some issues I’m having with the general design as related to the contest fluff as a whole.

  1. What’s the artifact/element? I love the characters and the weapon design and everything but I can’t figure out where the powerful artifact in all of this is. Konsumer might be the artifact (or maybe he’s eaten it?) but what power does it grant and how do I make this visible?

  2. How do they fight ‘hard’ or armored targets? The main enemy here is robots/mechanicals, and while Konsumer and Bear would do smashingly against anything remotely organic/edible I don’t see them so far triumphing over big bulky armor guys. I want to say that Konsumer could eat them but I’m having a hard time buying that visualy.

I’ll be posting revised concepts of Bear soon, he’s getting a good overhaul so look forward to that! Any answers to my questions could win my friendship/love forever (as little as that’s worth) but any other comments are always welcome.


the artifact is supposed to represent some elemental force that your character can wield. I’d recommend not going for the obvious one and giving the shark the element of water.


The following post is more for my benefit than anything else, I like to use this thread as a kind of workspace I can access from anywhere. Here I can figure out the contest specifics of my entry.

Name: Konsumer and Bear
Race: Ursus (Bear)
Artifact: Konsumer (or something he’s eaten)
Artifact Power: The Infinite Maw (Void) Konsumer can devour all, nothing is safe!

Team Colors/Insignia: Bears Trunks will be in CG Society red with white trim and his knee pads will be black, the trunks will also be branded with the CG Society logo


oh yeah, having the shark be able to eat anything through the power of void is a cool choice!


Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, student life is as hectic as ever. This update is pretty small right now and I don’t think I’m far away from starting my mesh (if nothing else, to put some kick back in my creative process).

I decided to go with the knee pads and I switched out the speedo for some fighting trunks (bright red) with the CGTalk logo on them. I nixed the championship wrestlers belt from the original design (I couldn’t think of a way to integrate it for the life of me). I know that I’m also going to alter his pose to make him more slouched forward and a little more animal-like and thus less anthropomorphic. Expect at least one update to Konsumer before I start mesh as I want to make the artifact aspect a little more obvious. He needs his ‘artifactness’ to really pop before I will be satisfied. Also, expect me to clean this thread up a bit to make it more readable.


just throwing this out there for intregrating the belt if you still wanted to:
could keep it as the shark strap with the belt buckle as a shoulder pad or maybe as the strap over his chest to hold the tank. and there’s another place to put the CG logo.


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