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So, let the fun begin.

I know that during this war, there will be three kind of competitors: Those who make enormous and monstruous guys, those who make bizarre monsters, and those who make hot babes, with giant boobs. I don’t want to make anything of this, my goal is to make a little girl, about 10 yo.

The idea is: she carries a brush on her back, as if it were a sword. On her left hand, she carries a little paint bucket, with magic ink. When she’s envolved in a battle, she can use the brush and ink to sketch rapidly in the air a creature from her imagination, to attack her enemies. So, she’s a invoker, summoner.

There goes my first and generic sketch.

The main challenge to me is to make a little girl attractive for game audience. I don’t know yet what I can make to let her visually competitive with the other powerfull guys that will arise during the war.

So, advices from experienced concept artists are pretty welcome.


this is pretty cute I think, and I like it, but too cute for DW
should be something brute, otherwise “they” will not like it
thats just my opinion

btw, good luck to you :thumbsup:


I like your idea behind this character a lot. I can imagine her in a game using her magic and painting/creating/summoning creatures to fight her battles and it would look really awesome, but as a stand alone character you don’t really get that feeling that she could summon the most massive, deadliest creature ever to destroy her enemies.

Maybe you could add some swirling paint around her to show off her magical powers, and within the swirling colors there could be hints at all different sorts of deadly creatures. Maybe have heads or claws popping out of the paint all around her as if she’s about to summon a creature and her mind is considering which one to choose and you see evidence of that throughout the paint.

Just an idea.


Thanks for your comments, fellows. I agree with you, brute designs will take advantage over mine. She’s in fact pretty cutie, as a little girl should be. The only way to change this is to do what everybody will do on DW: cover her with a heavy armor, change her weapon for something bigger and heavier, desaturate her color, give a bad girl face to her, etc.

Although this sound great, I’m not feeling tempted to give a brute or evil appearence to her. I like you idea though, Reklas, to make her power show off just at on glance. I’m yet thinking how to make magic lights around her, as a manifestation of her imagination. I’m trying to reshape her silhouette too, to give more volume to her. New sketches soon.


There goes an idea to help the overall silhouette to look bigger.


I did a lot of minor modifications, to give her more volume and spirit of a warrior. I tried to make her silhouette more appealing too. The drawing isn’t finished yet, so C&C are welcome.


Hey, very nice sketches (the last 2). I like the idea of her being a summoner or something similiar. Even if this is war, its after all not very different from any rpg, and we need some mages dont we?:slight_smile: About the last concept, I dont like the boots, they look a bit too bulky for the rest of her.
But I like it so far!


Nice concept and great quality artwork. I think the comments about needing to see more of the summoning element are probably on target - maybe you could add the ghost image of a summoned minion standing behind her (with a ‘just painted’ look). Its great to see something so different from the usual fps clones.


Wow, she is adorable! I like the color choice a lot. I think her ink bucket should be a little bigger, as it stands now, her brush wouldn’t even really fit in it, just the tip maybe. I’ll definitely be following your thread. Not too many people attempt a young girl for this competition, I tried last year although I didn’t finish so I’m rooting for you! Keep up the great work, I can’t wait to see more.


hakanpersson: Thanks. I like summoners very much because they don’t have to be super-heavy-powerful chars. A simple little girl can handle big creatures, if her magic is strong. And besides that it seems 95 % of people are doing warlords for DW, so let’s try someting different. About the boots, I made them bulky because I’m trying to give her more volume. Children look cutier when they use large clothes, so that’s the point of make her sleeves and boots so big. But I’l rethink about, and maybe reduce them a bit.

Nihilicon: Thanks, my friend. I considered to make a spirit, or something like this behind her, but I found that when she’s riding the frog, it would be many people on stage… But I do agree that her magic powers should appear more. I didn’t find the exact way yet, but I believe I’ll get a good solution for this.

SheriffNotic: Thanks for your tips and encouragement. I think I’m going to eliminate her paint bucket, because the pincel now is bigger than the initial idea, and it would be difficult for a little girl handle both during a battle. Maybe the ink could be spiritual and flow directly from her mind to the the brush. BTW, can you give the link for your last year’s thread?

More updates soon. I hope I can still counting on you.


Hi, Amauri! Stylish sketches, I like the manga influence and the European-style clothing.
The fact that it’s a little girl is also original and would fit well in Japanese RPG games.
She looks too normal (for a Summoner) though, could be more supernatural looking I think!
Cheers! Boa sorte!


Very nice my friend, i like the clothes and the cute style, for a summoner is very fine!!!

See ya!


Eliminating the paint bucket might be best, yeah. Besides, I don’t see any reason why a magic brush can’t use magic ink that just magically appears! In a way her power reminds me a little bit of Okami. I can’t wait to see your next update!

My character from last year was a bit older then yours but still much younger then the norm. You can take a look at that here… Dominance War II - Last Year’s Entry

Looking at that now, It hurts my eyes. I’ve come a long way since then :stuck_out_tongue: Check out my 2D entry this year Dominance War III - 2D Entry, it’s a fairly young girl (teen/early twenties) and she is a summoner too. Maybe our characters can be friends ^_-

Let’s do our best and WIN THIS WAR!!


I really like her outfit design, wonderful character too. It reminds me of the Red mages frm Final Fantasies


Hey jramaur, I like the whole idea of doing something innocent looking, it must be so easy for her enemies to underestimate her - thats how she wins in the end!

I really love the hair and the costume design. Maybe the boots look a little out of place in terms of costume, maybe too space age, needs more buckles and lace - but the shapes are great and really compliment each other.

Pretty good if I do say so myself - i’ll be following you. :thumbsup:


Hey jramauri , the concept you have going on here is looking ace. I agree with Nathan about the boots . Keep it up :smiley:



Looks great! Very Alice in Wonderland, which is always cool. The frog-mount is lovely.


DrFx: I’m working on her supernatural appearence, looking for good references in games, and already sketching some ideas. On next update, I believe she’ll look more super than now. Obrigado!

AlexMarik: Nice to see you here, my friend. I hope you start your model soon, to kick some asses for CGsociety. I’m sure you’re going to do your best. :thumbsup:

SheriffNotic: Hey man! A friend has told me about Okami. But luckly he’s a wolf, not a girl… Unfortunately, today it seems any idea we have, everyone has already had, so it’s pretty hard to be 100% original.

I’ve seen your concepts, for last year and the current. They are all pretty good, man. It’s a pitty you have stopped so early last year. I hope you can go until the end this time. I’ll be following your development. Thanks for your reply.

SashaP: Thanks man. Your 2d concept is geting really good too, I’m following your progress.

nathanmckenna: Yeah, I agree, the enemies will fall without even see from where the blow came from. Never underestimate the little ones :slight_smile:

About the boots, well, I’m trying to make her clothes in a consistent military look. This is the reason for the leather, and metal on them. Some friends have suggested me to use laces and feminine elements on her clothes, but I think they are too fragile for battles. My intention is to let her using heavier fabrics and leather. But I’m making some modification on her boots, using mukluk boots as reference. They are pretty cutie, and have the same shape I designed. These are some samples of mukluk boots, for those who don’t know how they look:

[left]Matellis: Thanks man, I’m trying to make my best. Let’s win this war!
BluntPencil: Thanks, I know someone would like the frog! Hehe!

New updates soon…


And there goes an update on her concept. Let me know what you guys think.