Dryulya-Time Travel_WIP


In loving the concept development. Great stuff.


Thanks pedrOadan.


Hello. Some setting materials light and render in Modo. And I continue modeling.


seems great man! Maybe just that white material is too reflective, try to blur it more.


You are quite right. I will fix it.


Take with lightnings. And I continue modeling.


Coooool! Love the lightning.


nice! Dramatic one.


Thank you very much. I am very pleased that you liked it. :slight_smile: :scream: :slight_smile:


The next stage. :wink:


Hello. Time is short. Now I am doing the timing, color, and composition. Soundtrack has kindly agreed to do Histibe https://soundcloud.com/histibe . He’s wonderful. I hope that we will have time until 22 September. :slight_smile: :wink:
Video here.VIDEO


Looking great. What are your render times looking like?


Thanks jgoble.
Now I have 10 layers in compositing. The heaviest of them was rendered about 4 minutes each frame.


Hello. This is the first part of my video.
I hope you enjoy.


Hello. This is the first part of my video.
I hope you enjoy. :slight_smile: :hmm: :curious: :slight_smile:
had to reload


love it… keep up the good work!


Thank you Daniel.
I will try to make it.


Now Texturing dress in Mari.


The first part with the soundtrack. :wink:


Title: Night in a secret laboratory The Foundry.
Created: September 22, 2055
Creators: Dryulya CG faun - almost all http://dryulya.cgsociety.org/
******************** Maks Histibe - soundtrack http://www.histibe.com/
Target Audience: Internet users
Main software: Modo,
as well used other software