dronejmr1 #DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Down the rabbit hole we go…


Day 1 - Jack Frost Sketch for “Winter”.
Zbrush and Photoshop.
Roughly 4hrs.

Worked on this until 1am but started it at 10:30pm yesterday.


I love the small ‘bumps’ around the eyes. Reminds me of a goblin-ish creature.


3hrs 55min.
Zbrush + Photoshop.

Word for the day was “scarf”.

Nice meat scarf.


Thanks! Yess, I was totally going for that! That menace, bringing winter.


Word for today was Santa so I sketched his alter ego, Krampus.



They make me fell uncomfortable, I guess that’s good when looking at monsters. Keep it up!


Had a bad headache last night and couldn’t be on the computer. Spend most of my day on the computer so most likely why. No digital sculpting this post, :(. Still squeezed this guy out. This is “Mittens” for day 4.


This is such a cool drawing ! You did great !
Too bad about the headache, but be careful, mate. It’s only day 4-5, there’s still a lot of work ahead !
Take care ! :buttrock:


Loving all these goblin-y sculpts haha. The lighting really brings out the ‘creepy’ in them.


Thanks! Yeah, it’s early. I just work on the computer at my day job for 8 to 12hrs depending on work load… then all I want to do is get a sketch sculpt in for this. Can’t always get that though. I’ll balance it out with some more pencil sketches!


Thanks so much! I have no idea why I was in Goblin mode. Everything just seemed to fit that way. Haha.


Day 5 - Sledding was the word. I doodled Chilly sledding and then started going off into other things…


Very cute penguin and cool his ‘bodyguards’! :slight_smile:


Day 6 - Skating plus other oddities…


I’m happy to see you’re listening to your body but still having fun with drawing. Some nice concepts you have.