Drone Show - How to bake mograph shader effector color into cloner objects material?



I am working on my first drone show choreography project with 100 drones and I need to export the scene as a FBX with baked key frame on animation and material color to later import into a third party software. So I have a cloner object with 100 spheres (Each representing a drone light) and have applied a shader effect to animate the color moving across the cloner with a animated video. I need to export the scene as a FBX with baked motion keyframes and also baked keyframes of the material color on each sphere. When I export right now the motion works but the material color from mograph doesn’t translate. Any ideas on how that could be done? Thanks


Does the FBX format support animated vertex colours?

I have no current experience with FBX but I use Alembic to carry animated vertex colours and attributes.


Not sure if FBX support it, but Alembic might work for the export. Do you have any guide or reference on how to achieve it. Thanks!


Hello, have you ever made it working? Right now i need to bake the Mograph colors as welll, but with Alembic i cannot get it to work so far. Please let me know…


BakeNshake will bake mograph instance/object colors and a lot more.
However, If you need to export to something other than c4d, alembic has no understanding of object colors unfortunately. Perhaps the better route would be via an animated texture map and simply uv coordinates?


Hi Paul,

You might want to ‘sell’ this feature a bit more as I’ve seen several questions like this on my rounds of social media. I’m not saying there’s enough interest that’ll make you filthy rich but this thread is not an isolated example I’ve seen.

The above task is trivial for other software which work with attributes and passing them from instance level to vertex level. In the C4D Alembic exporter there is a check box for display color to vertex color but @ThePriest had a further issue with conversion to gltf in this thread Display color to export color (fbx/dae/abc). I don’t know if your plugin could help in that scenario? I realise it’s too late for the Priest but getting color data baked in the right way for gltf export might be useful?

When I see people asking similar questions in the future I’ll be sure to push them in the direction of your plugin.