Driving identical meshes wìth vertexmaps?


Heya dear C4D pros :slight_smile:

I want to achieve the following:

  • I have 2 identical meshes A and B
  • Mesh A is rigged to joints, mesh B is deformed by a posemorph
  • I want mesh B to be partially driven by the vertices of mesh A by a vertex map gradient.

Think of a flexible tube, where Mesh B should bevahave at one end exactly like Mesh A, but forther down it should be free.

I can’t use joints on Mesh B, because the posemorph won’t allow for jiggle after PoseMoprh in (post deformer mode)…

Thanks for ideas!



You can do this using the Morph deformer to drive the Pose Morph tag, since it is a deformer it has Falloff and you can just drag your Vertex Map as a Field.




Nice ! How did you capture that ? This GIF has no pallette restrictions !


@demis It’s called ShareX, it’s GIF/video capture is based around on ffmpeg, highly recommend it.

I do a slightly odd workflow that actually uploads any capture to Dropbox, shortens the link (with bitly) and copies that link to the clipboard but not the image (if I need to paste image data, I just copy from the capture in the ShareX gallery. You can customise it any which way to suit your needs.