Driver 4 Character, Rich Wright (3D)


WOW! Show us some animation please.


cool man i like the shader . keep it up.


Cool! :slight_smile:
Seems very real


This is simply SUPERB! …at least.


wow!!! amezing work there is no more word to descripe it ! :thumbsup:


Excellent work, really. Something odd about the nose though…can’t place what it is. Just feels off to me (I’ve a similar but smaller nose myself). Anyways, you get my five star special.


Looks so real :eek: , !!!


awesome stuff m8

well done :wink:


I can’t believe my eyes!! this is CG ?!


What can I say that not been said already. Its great man. Congratulation. I cant allow myself to criticize you but you set very high bar to jump over so on the way to total photorealism you might consider the following:

the hair of the African guys is more curly and you put too much facial hair. I know that the light might justify it but its more matter of personal preference.

Also not all the face has the same bumps
there are parts on the skin that the bump property change.

The eyes is the best I saw so far. also the mustache, the lips. the modeling is perfect. lighting is excellent.

How long I been modeling it? how long you are a modeler? When we can see some animation of him?

its absolutely inspiring. Great work. i set it as my wallpaper if you dont mind :twisted:

Shay Gaghe


Im just piling up the list of compliments, but this deserves nothing but compliments. I dont do it often but have rated this piece with 5 stars. Man, truly amazing model, shaders and hair.


Great looking character. the hair is really well done.


outstandingly realistic work.

5stars for each process


Great work friend the hair and mustache are amazing!! Great work! Great work!!


woow :eek: very nice great job

realy great job :thumbsup:


fantastic work!
rendered in Lightwave heh? Good job! :thumbsup:


Beautyful work!


Very nice work, I particularly like the pose and lighting, well done with five from me


very good work,excellent!!


I love it. Very “true” to the time.
for more inspiration.