+digitalhandpainted + ps7/elements + optic mouse+

this image was generated in response
to a proposition offer from an artist friend of mine Erika Thorpe
in order to have a professional portfolio,
the artist had to build a few sites to show future clients,
that’s how Dreamz my on line artfolio was born i was so trully happy ;0]
from her set of free brushes i choose the hand to finilize this creation,
hope u guyz like it as much as i did!


nice!!! i can’t explain what it is that attracts me to the image, but it’s soo…sooo colorless… (in a very good way)

reaching up to understand the truth, life, color, dreams, meaning…
at least that’s what i get out of it.

flawless vicotry!!!
round 3


actualy, when I read Windex’ ending line… “daddy, NO!” … It kinda fit the image… That hand looks so cruel, while the girl looks so young and innocent…


@Windex: thankz so much for your vision ;0]

@FjOoNer: u guyz begin to scare me ;0]
the hand represents reach out and touch
in the spirit of sharing and learning ;0]


im not saying i got that impression by the image at first…
but after i scrolled down, and saw what i quoted earlier, I kinda saw it in the image too… :stuck_out_tongue:


yeep i understand factor x influence,
that’s what art is all about ;0]
just needed to get things chrystal clear ;0]


no no no, that’s my sig.

i didn’t think that at all. lol
but i can see how it fits.

what a coincident…


I’m just still awed at the fact that you do all your work with an optical mouse! Great work as usual!


Wow. It’s beautiful. I love it.


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