draw a text in corner of the viewport


how to draw a text using gw.text method on the corner of a viewport?
example in Viewport Drawing Methods in maxscript documentation hows how to make the text follow an object center, but i cant figure out how to make it stay on the view port corner, fixed.


Try this:

	global GW_displayText
	unregisterRedrawViewsCallback GW_displayText
	fn GW_displayText =
		wPos = 40 -- horizontal position max = gw.getWinSizeX() 0 is left
		hPos = 40 -- vertical position max = gw.getWinSizeY() . 0 is lower left
		gw.htext [wPos,hPos,0] "Potatoes" color:red

	registerRedrawViewsCallback GW_displayText


Thanks a lot man!!
“Potatoes!!” love that!! :smiley: