Doza3D's Final Submission


Here is my final submission for the Visteon Driving Innovation Challenge!

“Urbano Concept”

This concept explores the possibility of switching between autonomous (self driving) mode and traditional drive mode. I’ve been reflecting lately that although the future belongs to the autonomous vehicle, there is still a desire to experience the thrill or pure enjoyment of driving as well. This idea gives the driver both options!

In this final iteration, I decided that having an all-electric car of the future is fine, but almost expected. So my updated proposed concept of the future demonstrates an all-electric powered vehicle that shows speed and range, but also shows how the user can interactively switch to autonomous mode at any time so that other operations can be performed in the vehicle.

In autonomous mode, the driver can search for a new destination on the navigation screen, change music source input, adjust climate controls, or just sit back and relax while the car takes the occupant to the destination.

In this concept, the curved dashboard display is a combination of rear projection and LED screens. A thin film covers the dash to help blend any seams that would otherwise be noticeable but also allows for light to pass through. This would create a homogeneous surface that makes it appear as though it was one large display.

The steering wheel display is a standard capacitive touchscreen with haptic feedback.

I hope I have achieved a design that removes complexity, provides easy access to controls for the driver and offers a unique visual style.

The Urbano Concept is one that can evolve over time and keep pace with future artistic sensibilities and tastes. Before the large dash illuminates with graphics, one is tempted to imagine what possibilities lie ahead.

Technical details:

The final submission is a video capture of a fully interactive application built using UI Composer Studio and screen recorded with Fraps software.

All interactivity is backed by a state machine complete with events and visual slide changes. Mouse click events on the application control the menu system on the steering wheel as well as the driving modes (autonomous and traditional drive mode).

I hope you enjoyed watching my entry! This has been a fun challenge and I enjoyed exploring new ideas and taking risks that I would not have otherwise taken.


Wow, great video Doza! Nice work, good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words Inverted!

Good luck to you as well. I like the new exterior pics you uploaded. :thumbsup:


Cool entry Doza3D! Nice work.
All the best



Awesome stuff Doza! :applause:


Thanks all for the comments. I look forward to seeing your final submissions as well.



Hi all,

I decided to refine and update my final submission to really embrace the concept of an autonomous all-electric vehicle.

With this update, the driver can switch between autonomous and driver mode so that the thrill of driving a car is still available in addition to the option to have the car drive itself via artificial intelligence.

An all-electric, autonomous car will define the future of transportation. I want to also make sure that the future makes room for those who enjoy the driving experience as well.