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Aaahh, yes … accelerators… I knew I saw this issue already… I just could name it… Thanks a lot, Denis!


If I would like to force MAX to load/substitute another version of devexpress libraries, what would be the necessary steps to achieve that? Any idea, please?


if they are .DLL files, you can use mxs

dotnet.loadassembly @"c:\path	o\my.dll"


Thanks mate, but imho it won’t be so easy this time. I have suspicion that some wrapper must be involved in this case. I’m looking more less for substitution of current library with new one from newer version of MAX to achieve compatibility of the tool.



I’ve recently started dabbling in writing some functions in dotnet using Autodesk.max.dll in 2015.

My functions work fine, but I’m puzzled on how to supply the node to the fucntion from maxscript.

I’ve worked around it by being able to pass the node handle into the dotnet function, then using GetINodeByHandle to get hold of it.

I’d rather just be bale to pass the node itself, rather than its handle.
Does anyone know how to do this please?



Hi there,

I’m trying to write a script that associates data polled from a Socrata open-data platform to geometry in my model.

I’m using this C# library:

With this dataset:

I have successfully loaded the library in maxscript and set up a client object. But when I call the client.getResource method I get this error: "Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Late bound operations cannot be performed on types or methods for which ContainsGenericParameters is true.”

I gathered that getResource returns a generic type, but I can’t figure out how to cast that type into something maxscript understands.

Does anyone know how work with generic types or how to cast a variable type in maxscript?



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thank you.


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Just don’t try to program c# using max script. you have very limited capabilities there. It is best to simply write a plugin to do what you need and then expose some functionality back to max script.


I have same problem , now i use vs to create an user control contains a devexpress treelist control, complie it to a dll file , use mxs to call it ,it work fine, maybe you can try this.