Doppler Radar Effect


Any tips on how to simulate Doppler Radar?


does this need to be in 3d. you could do it in any comp tool or flash.


meta-effectors should do the trick, with the radar plane surface material taking it’s color as a gradient, according to the Y distance of the ME from the plane. You could generally shape the fields with a big positive ME, and an array of smaller negative ME’s around it, and apply some fractal noise to rough everything up.


Or you could do it with point lights, and do solarize and noise effects in post to get the colors/distortions. That way you’d have tighter control over the colors bands, and is probably faster to get to output.


They all sound like good ideas, but i’m not sure HOW to set it up.
I am still using MSP3

…any project files i could reverse engineer? :slight_smile:


Hmm do you need to be able to direct the hotspots, or it just needs to look like doppler?


Did not think about controlling the hot spots, but that would be a nice choice!


Ok I didn’t spend much time on it, but here’s a POC, and the AVI. Go look at the shader network. Basically I’m using the WeightSpot shader to get weight values from the MetaEffectors, which I feed into a Noise node to rough it up, and then out to the U value of a color gradient. So the weight values drive the gradient.

Added to that is another noise shader “background_noise”, that modifies the gradient’s U value for some background, uh, noise. I animated the Low/High frequency values over time to give it some shimmer.

I didn’t see a way to animate the noise’s offset using a null’s Xpos, but I didn’t look at every single shader. Does anybody know how to do that? Texture Deformer didn’t seem to affect anything.



Can you post some pics as to what you would like it to look like?


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